We are together again as a family!  The kids came down on Saturday and it was so wonderful to see them again, it was hard to believe I hadn’t seem them in almost 2 weeks.   The kids were pretty pleased with the Ronald MacDonald House and I’m so grateful that there is lots for them to do here because keeping them occupied is going to be our biggest challenge.

I joke that we’ve traded the stress of not having the kids here, for the stress of having them here.  And ha ha ha, but it’s kinda true.  We can’t completely concentrate on Ava now that the other kids are here and need us as well.  But in reality, since Ava is still hopped up on morphine and can’t be held yet, it is a good time to spend with the others – especially with Christmas just around the corner.   And we do love being together –  as together as we can be as a family without our little Birdy here with us too.

And Ava is doing good – very stable and still wearing her little corset that is pulling her chest tighter a little more every day.   Again, like I said we still can’t do much more for her than talk to her and  stroke her head and hands and feet, and her chest does need to get closed so we can make more progress.  But after last week’s failed attempt, I don’t mind that they are taking things slow.  I don’t want a repeat of that stressful episode!

But at any time they could decide again to close her up again,  so please continue to pray for wisdom for the dr’s and for protection from infection for Ava, and that the next time they close her chest, it will work!

7 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. Lisa, Nice to hear your all together. Sarah was so excited to go. Have a Merry Christmas. I am thinking and praying for your family daily.
    God Bless Meilnda Murphy

  2. So loved reading an update! Praying you guys are able to feel some normalcy with the whole crew back together and with the excitement of Christmas approaching 🙂 Continued prayers for Ava’s chest to close properly and for no infection. Are the kids able to see her?

  3. Glad to hear you are reunited as a family. I am sure the kids were happy to see you again after such a long time apart.
    Best wishes to you and Jason! Continued prayers for Ava that she has a good night.

  4. Great that you can be together as a family! The kids aren’t missing too much at school, as far as academics go, anyway. All the kids are in their PJs today.

  5. Will be praying for progress to be made with little Ava and for protection for any infection so that her chest can get closed!
    SO glad you guys can be together right now! Enjoy the time! 🙂

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