We have just had a whirlwind of a time here – we said goodbye to our sweet Ava yesterday after Sarah finished her morning at the Diabetes Day center and then packed up and headed home!   I was hesitant to leave my baby, but we needed to get our other kids and we didn’t feel comfortable sending Jason back with Sarah and having to manage her care,  since we are still in the confused and befuddled stage as we are trying to figure this whole diabetes thing out!

And then I find out that today they just might try to remove Ava’s ventilator!   Which is wonderful and scary all at the same time.  So please pray.

We are heading back to TO now,  so sorry we couldn’t go to church and be with our Harvest family.  I can’t tell you just how much we long for our life to return to “normal”, even though our normal is going to look quite different now.

I’ll keep you posted as always!