She’s a month old!

Ava Samantha Grace is now one month old, congratulations sweetheart!

And it’s been a super-duper busy day, that’s for sure. Remember how I said that they moved us to the 4th floor into the step-down room? Well after just a single night in that room – we moved again – this time to our own room, crazy!

So we found ourselves installed in a room that has a bathroom and a bed (if you can call it that) for me, and now I am taking on a huge amount of Ava’s care. I change all her diapers, I comfort her when she cries and I’m even learning how to feed her through her NG tube… did you know that every time you feed someone through a nasal gastric tube you have to insert air into their belly and listen with a stethoscope for a ‘pop’ to make sure it’s the in right place? I was surprised. But I was able to give her some of her meds today through her tube. It’s a little daunting, but baby-steps is how we travel these days.

And yes, I’m a little over-whelmed and stressed. We had a good routine down and now everything has changed again. With me staying at the hospital full-time Jason is now doing even more on his own with the other kids (and doing an amazing job by the way). Not that I was doing much before to help him, but at least I was still sleeping at the Ronald MacDonald House, and spending time with kids. Now that I’ve basically moved into the hosptial I’ll only be visiting them there, I’m sad.

But Ava is doing good from my perspective, she did have to go on another blood pressure med and apparently one of her heart valve’s is leaking but its all stuff we take in stride.

Oh, and Monday the Occupational therapist will come and test Ava to see if she can swallow without choking… they are a little concerned because her vocal cords seem to be paralyzed (this can happen in surgery) and that can make swallowing tricky, that combined with her quick breathing might make it a huge feat for her, but if she can swallow, we can start to try oral feeding, so please please pray!

And talking about prayer – I was getting pretty worked up tonight and upset but Jason prayed for me and reminded me once again to have faith. In God. Knowing that He is allowing this and has a plan.

So even now -one month in and trying to adjust to change and not knowing when we will be coming home and I am feeling like maybe I can’t take anymore -I’m so glad that God has placed people in my life to remind me and encourage me that He will never forsake me. And I know in my heart its true.