Quick update…

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long!   For one, I have limited access to a computer now that I’m staying at the hospital and I hate blogging on my phone.  Thankfully I’m being loaned a laptop which will make staying in touch so much easier while I’m staying with Ava, so I should get back in the loop soon.  And I have so much to blog about!    I haven’t blogged about our other kids and how they are doing and I’ve been wanting too.  I will say that they are doing really well…. Jason is doing an amazing job taking care of them so I can concentrate on Ava, and it’s been great that they could start school at the Ronald MacDonald House this week so that they won’t get behind and we can establish a better routine.

Jason is also the diabetes king.  He has totally taken over Sarah’s care and knows her insulin doses and how many carbs she can have and what she can eat and I’m in awe of the amazing job he is doing.   At some point Jason and I are going to have to cross train on the girl’s care so I have a clue on what to do with Sarah, but for right now I’m more than happy to leave it all to him.

And then Ava.   We are definitely not home or ready to come home quite yet.    We still have some things to sort out and the big thing today is her legs and hips.   Since I’ve been taking care of her for over a week now I’m getting to know her better, and it dawned on me about 4 days ago that it wasn’t just diaper changes that made her cry, she was experiencing some sort of pain when we moved her legs.  So the resident came and checked her out and agreed with me and so Ava got an x-ray 3 days ago.   And today they are still trying to figure out what it shows and what it means!  They think that she has some sort of inflamation in her hips and maybe a fracture in her knee… so hopefully today that can get all sorted out and we can start dealing with her pain, poor baby and get some sort of prognosis and treatment plan if there is one.

And because she had a bad day on Wednesday with a very sore tummy we  didn’t complete her feeding study and it’s been delayed until next week.  They think they know why that happened and are sorting her out,  so that’s good, and she does seem to be much better although she still isn’t at her birth weight quite yet, so again we just wait and wait and hopefully she can start getting gaining weight and making some progress.

So that’s what’s been happening in a nut shell.  I’ve also been a bit emotional and down… I think the transition out of the intensive care has been hard and the future at home looks daunting and being away from Jason and the kids so much isn’t helping.    We had a wonderful visit from our friends and pastor Leo and Kim this week and that was very encouraging, and those who knew that I was struggling have sent me some wonderful emails that have been good for my soul,  and I think that I’m on the upswing now.   I know that God is still good and faithful, but I’m just feeling a little worn out,  spiritually and emotionally drained, but I know that is to be expected in a situation as challenging as this one is, but I also know that this valley won’t last forever.

So hopefully I can give an update on Ava’s legs soon and fill you in more on what’s been happening around here.  I can’t wait for that laptop!