What they’ve been doing…

I thought I would take this opportunity to share some pictures of a few things our other children have been up to since they came to Toronto.  And although the kids miss home and everyone there, they really love staying at the Ronald MacDonald House because it really is a wonderful place.  We are planning on taking some pictures or doing a video tour soon just so everyone can see just how cool it is.

One of the awesome things that happens here is called ‘Home for Dinner’.  This is where different groups of people – mostly companies – come in and cook dinner for everyone in the house.   You can imagine that this a huge blessing and we are always very thankful to not have to scrounge up a meal for our family.    Normally when you use the big common kitchen at the Ronald MacDonald house you have clean up after yourself and wash your own dishes in, but when a group does a Home for Dinner’s they typically do all the clean-up as well.    And this was the case last night, except somehow Erik ended up helping these people wash all the dishes and the little sweetie-pie stayed and helped until they were all cleaned up and then he was sad that he had to say good-bye too all his new friends.  Oh our Erik.

OK – so getting back on track here – the week before Christmas we had two Home for Dinners that came complete with Santa Claus’s and presents for each one of our kids, it was so amazing.     We were actually pretty stunned and really didn’t believe they were handing out gifts until they started calling our kids by name.    Sophy wasn’t sure about Santa and wouldn’t go near the first one, but when the second one came around a few nights later she found out he was good for a cuddle…


By the time the third Santa came for a visit Christmas morning she had gotten the hang of things and tried to put in a request for what gift she would like to receive  – the little turkey.

And the other kids enjoyed Santa too..


Here’s Erik with a different Santa. 🙂


And I wanted to sneak in a picture of the view of the courtyard at the Ronald MacDonald House from the hallway just outside our door…  it definitely looked nice and Christmasy after Christmas when the snow fell. 🙂


And then two Sunday’s ago we had some special guest come to the RMH for a visit…


Yes, we were invaded by some seriously real looking members of the Imperial Fleet.

startwars startwars2 starwars starwars2 starwars3

And since we are huge Star Wars fans, it was quite enjoyable.   William got right into it and when they came in he was shooting at them and hiding and the Storm troopers were good sports and played along.  Darth Vadar even came equipped with some very heavy breathing, I think he freaked Sophia out a little. 🙂

Then at the beginning of January, Jason took the kids to High Park in Toronto.    Apparently it’s a huge park that we will have to explore more when we are here in the nice weather for Ava’s next surgery.   We found out about this park when it was shown on Mike Holmes TV show “Make it Right” , as Mike Holmes and his crew had rebuilt some of the play structure this past summer after an arsonist had set a fire that destroyed a huge park of it in the spring.     I’m sad I missed the trip, it looked like fun even in the snow and cold…

highparkkids gilshighpark highparkerik

And of Erik tried to pull the sword out of the stone…  what a nice touch Mike.


So yes, the kids are keeping busy and making lots of memories which is so nice.   We also took them to the ROM one afternoon as the Ronald MacDonald House had free tickets for us.  I wish we could have had more time there as there is so much to see.  Sophia got bored there pretty quick and wanted to leave, and then asked to go back to the museum for the next 3 days… it figures.

The real blessing in all of this is that the kids are going to school at the house!  The house has a whole little school area set up with two 2 teachers and although the school days are shorter,  I’m sure they get lots of one-on-one attention and they are doing a field trip to the Science Center next week, how awesome is that?    And we are just so glad that they aren’t going to get too behind with school which is amazing.

So that’s a bit of what they’ve been doing.    And thanks to Jason who has been taking amazing care of them – and doing it single handed while I’m here at the hospital with Ava and I can’t say how much I appreciate him.  It’s funny though, I do feel out of touch…  it’s like taking a weird vacation from regular life and my typically responsibilities as a mom.

So we are doing good – and even Ava is still doing great, still trying to grow and learning how to drink from a bottle.    She took 7 mls today which is a start and I’ll try to update you all on her tomorrow.

Just glad I could finally show you what the other kids have been doing!

12 thoughts on “What they’ve been doing…

  1. So great to see pictures and hear about what all of your kiddos are up to- the start wars surprise looks amazing!
    Tell Sarah that we say Happy Birthday! I hope she had a good day. If we ever get rid of these colds around here (I think we’ve all been passing it back and forth for the past two months!) it would be nice to see you guys. Give Ava a smooch for us!
    Much love, John & Erin

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all! My family has such high praise for the staff and care at the Ronald McDonald house too! What a blessing!! We miss you guys! xo

  3. How fun for all of them! They look so happy and it’s so wonderful that Ronald McDonald House does so much for the families that stay there. So glad that you are all together. Continuing to pray for you guys! love, anne PS. Happy birthday to Sarah today!

  4. I Knew the “FORCE” was strong in the Colley family. That was super cool , I am so happy for the kids! Ava is just a beautiful baby! Miss your smiling face Lisa and Jason’s laugh. Looking forward to your return. Lifting you up to the Lord. Much Love Beth VC

  5. How awesome is all of that? That’s great that the family has been able to stay close by you and Ava this whole time continuing with school and having so much fun in the meantime! 🙂 What great memories for them! Didn’t know RMH did all that! So very cool! 🙂
    Continuing to pray for you all!

  6. Hi Lisa,
    It is great to see the kids having a good time at the Ronald McDonald House. I didn’t know that they offered so much to help families out. The kids looked like they were really having fun in the park and with the Star Wars characters.. God has provided so much so that all of you would have wonderful memories to be able to look back on. Don and I are continuing to pray for you and your family.

  7. The kids look like they are having a great time and these memories for them will be long lasting good memories!! Enjoy your mini vacation away from the kids before you know it you’ll be back in charge only now of 5 WOW Way to go jason your going to have to get back to work just to have a mini vacation HAHAHAH

  8. thank you for continuing to be so loy al and faithful to keeping us update on things . I am so amazed how strong you all are and your faith which is such an example to us all. Wow cool about playing on the playground made by Mike Holmes and his team I remember watching it . I’m sure the kids had fun playing on it and sure my kids would to . WE are continuing daily to lift you up in our thoughts and prayers

  9. I love this post! I’m amazed and thankful at the Lord’s provision for the whole family, that the other kids will be able to look back on this time with great memories. It’s such an example of His tender care- providing so they remember multiple Santas, quality and quantity time with Dad, meeting the Star Wars clan and new places to explore instead of the difficult things the last 2 months have held. Still daily praying for strength and comfort for you and Jay especially. You two inspire me with the way you’ve come together as such a strong team. What a family full of evidences that God’s grace is sufficient for ALL of our days!

  10. It was so great to see the kids! They look like they’re doing great! This is amazing that all of that is supplied at the Ronald McDonald House. SO fun for them. 🙂 Miss you guys and praying for you all! Much love! xo

  11. What a fun update! It is nice to see the kids having fun and making the best of thIngs while away from home. Continuing to lift you up in prayer! So glad Ava could drink a bit today!

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