Miss Ava’s Tummy

I’m sure everyone we know,  including us, would like to know when we can come home.    And the honest answer is that we  have no idea.    And that’s because the biggest thing holding us here right now is Miss Ava’s Tummy.   Her poor little tummy is giving us so much trouble and because of that she’s not gaining weight like she should.   It seems that she tolerates my milk OK,  but every time they try to fortify it to add extra calories, she doesn’t tolerate it and so they keep having to go back giving her just my milk.    But she just can’t seem to gain weight on my milk alone because she’s burning through it too quick and she just can’t take the volume of milk that she would need in order to be able to pack on the pounds.   Now they are going to try to increase her volume starting tomorrow, but because her heart is already working too hard, they are fully aware that her circulation might not be able to deal with the extra fluid and so they would have to increase her diuretics, and of course we can’t go home on a higher dose of those guys.   So we are still here.

And one of the negative side effects of her not tolerating the formula that they added to my milk was that it was making her gag and retch, which has given her a super-sensitive gag reflex and now she won’t take a soother anymore.  Boo.

So tomorrow she is getting a sedated echo-cardiogram just to see how her heart is doing and hopefully her digestion issues aren’t related to her heart.   She is also getting her feeding study tomorrow afternoon to see if she still needs thickened fluids  because of her vocal cord paralysis, but with her gagging on her soother now, I’m not super confident that she will take the bottle like she needs to for that study,  it’s so frustrating!

So please pray for tomorrow.  If she doesn’t need thickened fluids that would open the door to taking bottles of my milk or even nursing and if her heart function is Ok then it’s one less thing to worry about.

Sigh… who knew a little tummy could give us this much trouble but we are praying and trusting that God will once again get us through this like He has so faithfully gotten us through everything up to this point.   We would really like to come home soon, that’s for sure!

7 thoughts on “Miss Ava’s Tummy

  1. From someone who knows tummy trouble they are horrible and connected to all other parts of the body!! Here’s hoping her test show it’s something real simple and not on going. She has handled so much already a liitle tummy thing won’t keep your fighter down!

  2. Hi to Colley family! It’s Will’s class here! We just found out about your blog and we miss you so much!!! We just looked through the blog and we are so happy that Miss Ava is doing better. We hope that she can keep the milk down in her tummy! We can’t wait until you all come back to London. Love Ms. A. and all the Grade 2’s in Will’s class! P.S. That baby sure is cute! xoxo

  3. Praying for Ava today! Praying she’s able to tolerate the bottle for her feeding study today!
    She and your family are in our prayers continually! I think Daniel is looking forward to meeting baby Ava! He prays for her each and every night and has seen pics but I think it’s a bit strange for him too…wish I could read his little mind sometimes! 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa! We pray for all of you everyday around our dinner table…Jack and Luke also remember to pray for “baby Ava” too 🙂 We’ll be praying that Ava’s tests go well tomorrow, and that it will be one step closer to you coming home!

  5. This might be a dumb question Lisa, but would they object to giving her some probiotic, I know they have Lactobacillus in hospital. Might help her tummy issues and ease digestion. After all she’s gone through I doubt there is much good bacteria left. Something small but MAYBE make a difference?

    I am so thankful for your blog updates as i think of you so often and it gives me some peace of mind to “keep track” of all the “goings on” in the amazing Colley family. You’ll be home..you’ll get there..all in good time. When little Ava will thrive in the loving environment you will have waiting for her. When people say that God will only give you what you can handle, that MUST be true because I don’t know many who could handle all of the challenges brought your way. HE truly knew whose arms to place little Ava in..and though she can’t express it, know that she is thankful for all you do, everyday in big and small ways..for her.

  6. Today I was just fillling Chris in on how things are going with you guys and I was thinking that it’s been so long since we’ve seen you! Praying for this week, may this week be the one in which results will be seen in such an extraordinary way.

  7. We will be praying that the tests go well tomorrow and that answers are found. Your family is on our ‘prayer board’ and we pray for you daily! Each time your blog is updated, I read the post to the family and we think of you guys so often. Gabe got such a kick out of the star wars pictures!! so thrilled that there is fun to be had! Can’t wait to see your wonderful faces at Harvest again, but we know you are where God has you for Ava. Blessings to the Colley family!!

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