She passed – praise the Lord!

It’s just like my dad reminded me again this morning – God has been so incredibly faithful to us through this journey that He wasn’t going to stop being faithful now… and to prove it, Ava passed her swallowing test this afternoon!!!!

During the test Ava was strapped in a chair with the x-ray focused on her.  I couldn’t see her, but I could see the the two doctors who were intently looking at the screen that would show them if the liquid going in her mouth was going down the right pipe, so I just stood and stared intently at the doctor’s faces trying to gauge their reaction to what they were seeing.  🙂

Lisa, the Occupational Therapist tried to give Ava the bottle of the barium and sugar, but Ava would have none of it, so instead Lisa used a syringe to put the liquid into Ava’s mouth… and she swallowed it correctly!  She certainly wasn’t happy about the whole proceedings and cried, but as they said, it’s very easy to aspirate when crying with liquid in your mouth, so the fact that she didn’t made them even more confident that her vocal cords have healed enough to allow her to drink thin liquid.

And praise the Lord,  this means that I can begin to breastfeed her!  We have paged the lactation consultant to come tomorrow and start to work with us… this whole thing feels like a dream.  I can’t believe that I’ve had to wait two months for this dream of mine to materialize and it has.  And all the anxiety I had surrounding this is gone.

God is so good.   And He has also blessed us with a caring and compassionate group of people to support us through prayer and through this blog, so I feel doubly blessed today.

Jason and I are  just so so happy.   What a great way to start the week and to mark the fact that Ava is two months old today.

Thank you Lord and thanks again to all of you who are praying!

31 thoughts on “She passed – praise the Lord!

  1. Oh that is so exciting! Our class was so glad to hear! They started saying Praise the Lord, and one suggested everyone start singing 10,000 reasons! So now they are getting dressed for recess singing 10,000 reasons. 🙂

  2. And there is great rejoicing…. just passed the messsage on to our prayer group and the reaction – WOO HOO!! (Well, that was the message-taker; the group was probably Praise Be!)

  3. What exciting news! Praising God and giving thanks for His faithfulness and answer to prayer!!!! I am elated for you and Ava! Praying that breastfeeding will go smoothly and that Ava will grow and gain weight! xo

  4. Yippee! Doing a happy dance for you :). I know what a huge milestone this is for Ava and the excitement you must have to be able to feed her yourself now! Thank you Lord!

  5. Praise the Lord indeed. So happy for you and Ava!
    You continue to be in our prayers. Even in the middle of the night when I wake up and can’t sleep. Take Care.

  6. Thanks so much for praying everyone… I think I’m still in shock that she passed and we get to move ahead with breastfeeding!! Its so wonderful that we get to try and hopefully we get it right!

  7. Wonderful news! 🙂 Praise God for His continued faithfulness! Daniel will be happy to hear this as he asked tonight at bedtime how Ava’s feeding test went today and if she took a bottle and I said I hadn’t heard yet.

  8. Have been praying for you!

    Now we will start praying for weight gain so you can come home soon and show off your new family member!!! (She’s just adorable by the way…)

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