So the plan is…

The plan is that we are being discharged Monday!   Monday!  After spending 68 days here at Sick Kids, we are being discharged and finally bringing Ava home!

Her tummy troubles and lack of weight gain had been keeping us here, but things seem to be smoothing out and Ava is gaining weight consistently and tolerating her feeds with very little retching and vomiting.  She’s very stable cardiac wise and other than her high oxygen saturation levels  which we can’t do anything about anyway, there is really nothing more than can do for her at this point, so it’s very exciting that they feel she is finally ready to go home.

But we’ve had a little set-back in the nursing department.    I’m not sure why but Ava hasn’t been willing to latch for most of  today, but I’m not losing hope yet.  It’s hard because she is older and she gets distracted and frustrated easily, and because of her over-active gag reflex, she has to be pretty relaxed before she will latch on.    I just know it’s going to be a slow road to get her to the point where she can do a full feed from me.  She doesn’t have much stamina and when she does latch on, 5 minutes of nursing pretty much does her in and she falls asleep,  so between that and her getting frustrated,  I know I have my work cut out for me.    So we still have to feed her via her  NG tube and hope that as time goes by and if we can establish breastfeeding, she’ll keep taking more from me and less from the tube each time until we can take that horrid thing out.   And that is my goal, to get it out for good!

But still, we are going home… wow.  I’m excited but it’s going to be  a crazy place!  With having to feed Ava every 3 hours around the clock and keeping up with her med schedule, and recording her feeding and diapers and her weight and taking her to numerou.s dr’s appointments, life is going to be busy.  And that doesn’t even include taking care of Sarah and her diabetes…. whew

But we will be together all 7 of us living as family for the first time and that will be wonderful.   And this busy time won’t be forever and I’m just grateful that God has gotten us through so far and I know that He will continue to be faithful – just like He has been faithful so far.

But Monday just seems to far way  – I wish the plan was for us to go now!

7 thoughts on “So the plan is…

  1. Oh Lisa,
    it’s so wonderful you’re finally going home! I will pray for peace for you, and strength in the days ahead. Thank you God for your faithfulness to us.
    He will be with you and give you strength, everyday. One day at a time.

  2. That is such great news…and now you can say, TOMORROW we are coming home! 🙂 Great is Thy Faithfulness! So happy for you guys and looking forward to meeting sweet Ava! Continuing to pray for all that is to come with moving back home. xo

  3. So happy to hear of your discharge.
    And she is so amazing!

    I hope you work out all the kinks with nursing. Don’t give up, it is possible. Sajda nursed successfully after being tube fed for her first 6 weeks after her heart surgery.

    Enjoy your family!

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