We’re Home!!!

Wow, after 7 weeks of being away, we are finally home and it feels wonderful!!!!  We thought we would never get out of Toronto on time yesterday, because there were alot of lose ends to tidy up as Jason checked out of the Ronald MacDonald house and I tried to leave the hospital.     And even though Ava didn’t love the trip home – her first trip in a car seat – we still managed OK.  And I think Ava likes home.  I sure do… I can finally relax!    Well kinda, in between giving Ava meds 8 times a day and pumping and trying to nurse her and then tube feeding her 8 times a day,  we are a little bit busy over here.

But we were happy to see our wonderful neighbours actually missed us and we were welcomed home by this…


And there were balloons and streamers all over our fence outside and a gift inside and another poster…


I will say it again, we have great neighbours.

And we also had to put up a sign on our doors asking for healthy visitors only please… which feels a bit snooty, but the fact is that Ava just can’t get sick – because if she does she will end up in the hospital.  Even tonight she was breathing a little bit too fast so I had to call the Dr on call at Sick Kids and thankfully she started breathing slower, but I have to keep an eye on her and he was talking about adjusting her medication, but even something as simple as that could land her back in the hospital which is something we wish to avoid for obvious reasons.

So we thank God for bringing us home and together again, and pray extra hard that God will keep Ava healthy until her next surgery.

I get to sleep in my own bed again tonight with my baby right there with me… hurrah!

12 thoughts on “We’re Home!!!

  1. Welcome home, Colley family!!! Continuing to pray for you all as you make the adjustment of being back home and getting into new routines.

  2. Welcome home Colley’s!
    What a great welcome home for you with the signs & all! 🙂
    Continuing to pray for you as you begin this next stage of your journey at home!
    You are loved! 🙂

  3. Wonderful to hear that you are home, with your whole family together. It will be wonderful to sleep in your own bed, and get back to your family routines. The new routines with Ava will become more comfortable in time. Good for you for putting up a sign for healthy visitors only. Ask everyone to use hand sanitizer …..that will probably cut down on germs too. I love the photos of the signs on your house when you arrived home! A reason to celebrate for sure!!

  4. Dear Lisa and Jason
    Praying for your family as you adjust to the new challenges set before you. We love you all! May God grant you strength each day anew.
    All our love

  5. Yay, Lisa — so good to know you are back in your cozy place. I wish I was there to welcome you home after your LONG stay in TO. What a journey you are on — praying for you as you walk this road. Rest. in. Him.

  6. Whhhhoooo hooooo hip hip hoooray. so happy to hear you are back. Ran into Kim at the mall and she told me about the poster she and Monica made. Yes you DO have great neighbors, but i have a feeling you are pretty great to them too! So so happy for you Lisa, I am here if you need anything and will pop over when things settle down and you get into a routine with everyone again. Blessings to you all and a deep breath and sigh of relief for you and your family here at the Case/Rickard house.

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