Productive Paranoia

So I’m writing this today from the hospital in London – because Ava was admitted here yesterday… but not to worry, she is doing just fine.    Yesterday morning I called the Single Ventricle Hotline at Sick Kids in Toronto to talk to our nurse practioner there, because Ava just wasn’t right.  She had been vomiting with her feeds through the night and breaking out into cold sweats and was pale and listless in the morning.  So our NP told us to go to the hospital and had us call an an ambulance to make sure we got to the hospital safely.   And I’m glad we did because Ava was de-sating (her oxygen levels in her blood were dropping) and the paramedics were able to give her some oxygen on our way there.

In emerg I shared with the doctor that I had some concerns that her ng tube wasn’t in far enough and was causing her reflux and distress, so they ordered an x-ray right away to check placement and  then we just waited to see the cardiologist.  He came and ordered and echo, and thankfully we had gotten that one last week so they could compare.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the ng tube was a bit too high up, and so we could move it down, so her vomiting and reflux have stopped.   And her echo looks good compared to last week, but there is a tiny concern that her shunt may be slightly blocked.   Oh and her blood pressure is a bit high.  So we are hanging out here and waiting to see what Toronto says as the cardiologist here confers with them.

I’m a tiny bit anxious that Toronto may want us to come and hang out there for a few days, but if that was the worst of it,  it wouldn’t be so bad,   I could visit with all of the friends we made there! 🙂

And so our nurse practioner Sarah said yesterday, it’s best to practice productive paranoia with Ava (as opposed to paralyzing paranoia… hahaha).   She is very fragile, and as  the cardiologist reminded me again last night, 10 – 15% of single ventricle baby’s die before their next surgery, so we just can’t be too careful with her.

And I got some sleep last night as the kind nurse fed Ava all night for me and gave her meds.  How nice.

We are just waiting now to see if we can go home today,  and even if we can’t right away, we certainly aren’t suffering and I’m so glad that Ava is in good hands.

So thanks for all your prayers and hopefully will be able to update you again soon.

Thanks again for tracking with us through Ava’s journey!

8 thoughts on “Productive Paranoia

  1. I have been praying for you and Ava, and will continue to do so 🙂 Wish I could’ve checked my e-mail today, cause we were at the London Hospital from 12pm to 3pm! Bummer! Hope that you won’t be there, too, long!

    • Oh too bad! I would never in a million years even though you would have been in London yesterday. And I would have loved to have seen Leo. Glad all is well with him, he looked so cute in that pic on your blog!

  2. Praying, praying, praying. So glad Ava has proven time and time again that she is a fighter! Lord, be near that precious girl and her wonderful family.

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