A Canadian Blue Solution

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  This weather has been so cold and snowy that I just have wanted to sit under an afghan and read novels (not that I have) but still, I  just haven’t felt the motivation.  But tonight as I’m up waiting to feed Ava I though I would jot a few things down.    And I’m happy to say, we are doing good.  It’s surprising what at first seems so daunting, can now seem so  ‘normal’ .  We’re getting into a good grove with Ava and although caring for her is  still intense and time-consuming, we are doing OK.  And she is such  a good baby.    She did have a tough go last weekend and the first of the week – she was so upset and refluxing all the time like crazy – but I finally figured out that her daily dose of baby aspirin was probably hurting her sensitive little tummy, so now she is getting the aspirin after her morning milk and she is doing so much better… praise God.

And talking of prayer, I know that God’s people have been praying because Ava has been nursing again!   In the past couple of days she’s nursed quite a few times a day, which is wonderful.   And she’ still only nursing about 5 minutes at a time, but I’m not concerned with amounts right now, it’s more about her being comfortable and enjoying sucking and orally feeding like I mentioned in my last post.   So thank-you for lifting us up before the Lord, He has heard your prayers!

And I don’t think that I’ve mentioned that April 25th is the date of Ava’s heart catheterization, where they will go into her heart to test the pressure to see if she is ready for her next surgery.  So please pray with us that all will go well and that she will in fact be ready!!

And I’ve also been meaning to show you a pic of our very own IV pole that Jason made us.  The first night we took Ava home we needed a pole to hang her gravity feeds on as we hadn’t gotten an actually IV pole yet.  So Jason ran to the garage and came up with this…


Yes, the hockey stick IV pole.  Such a Canadian blue solution.  Don’t you love how men solve problems?   And it’s been great and it was even strong enough for Ava’s feeding pump to be attached to it.    It’s awesome.   Actually last week we Last week we had a real IV pole delivered, but Jason told me if we used it that he wouldn’t talk to me… haha.  Seriously though, I’m too attached to my hockey sticks.

So I’m just thankful that we made it through another day and that Ava looks so amazing and is doing so well, even though she does seem to fighting off a mild cold.      Here is a pic from a few weeks ago sans ng tube – as I had accidentally pulled it out…  my sweet little Birdy.


And we are off to Toronto again on Tuesday for another appointment with the Single Ventricle  Team at Sick Kids and Ava will get another echo,  but this time I have no fear that they will be keeping us and I’m not packing a single thing, ha!

So thanks again for everyone’s support and prayers, we are truly thankful.

6 thoughts on “A Canadian Blue Solution

  1. The hockey sticks were truly a stroke of genius and I actually relayed what I had seen. Love you guys and continue to pray.

  2. Lisa, so happy to hear that Ava’s nursing more and more! Any little bit is a great thing…and she will hopefully get better and better at it! We’ll continue to pray!! And I love the hockey sticks 🙂 You have a very clever husband!

  3. Love the hockey sticks!!! I showed Harold, he is very impressed 😉

    What a sweet pic of your sweet little girl.

    We’ve been thinking of you and praying for you all Lisa! ….but…we haven’t been around and we haven’t done anything to help 😦 sorry 😦 we really really want to…but we have been going from one cold etc to the next… so it seems like the only thing we can do is keep our virus’ away from you! 😦 please know we are sorry, and we’re thinking of you all the time.

  4. So glad you posted a pic of Jason’s IV pole solution! I am glad that you have settled into a “routine”…it’s amazing how comforting a “routine” can be. It’s important for Ava, but for you and your entire family as well…it’s nice to know what you can expect each day. Unexpected things can always “crop up” but having a routine helps! Take care!

  5. We love the hockey sticks! A memory to last a lifetime. Was so great to see you so relaxed, so centred through all of this. Still don’t know how you do it..but you sure are teaching me the power of faith!

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