Oh drat this cold…

OK – so it’s been a crazy week and it’s all because Ava has a cold.  That’s right, a plain old-fashioned regular cold, but she doesn’t seem to be able to kick it and it’s causing us problems.

And I wrote about how we ended up in emerg on Monday because I noticed Ava was working a little harder to breathe, but were sent home and told to watch her closely.

Then Tuesday Ava was Ok, she was still coughing,  but then Wednesday just before dinner I started to clue in that Ava wasn’t doing so well… she was sweating constantly no matter what she was doing, but her feet stayed cold and were dusky looking, so that was rather worry-some.   When Jason came home and looked at her,  he asked right away if I was going to take her in,  so I called Sick Kids.   The cardiology Fellow on-call told to take her in right away, so we found ourselves back in emerg.

The Dr who was on that night was really great and was so knowledgeable about Ava’s cardiac condition.  He felt that Ava’s fluid levels were a little low and needed topping up.  His reasoning was that with her breathing quicker because of her cold and then with her sweating so much, her fluid levels had probably dropped a bit.   The lack of fluid was affecting her circulation and her heart wasn’t able to profuse her body with oxygen properly.   And so they upped her fluid by giving her an entire feed of just Pedialyte and it worked.   Very soon after her feet were pink again and she just looked better all over.   And not only did we have a great dr that night,  the emerg nurse we had that night attends our church!   We had never met him before, but he figured out that this baby Ava was the Ava from the prayer list.   And since I had been really worried about Ava that night,  it was cool that God arranged for someone to be on who knows what we are dealing with.   And then because our little Birdy looked so great right away and her blood-work came back fine, they swabbed her nose just to see what bug she had and sent us on our way.   That was definitely a record-breaking fast ER trip as we went there and were back home in three hours,  pretty amazing.

However Thursday afternoon I was holding Ava and she was sweating like crazy again and she was huffing and puffing she was breathing so fast.   And so again I called Toronto and again they told me to take her in.     And because they had already been talking with the London cardiology team about Ava, they all decided that they would admit her so that she could be watched for the night.  So back to the ER we went.    And really Ava didn’t look that bad, definitely looked better than the day before, but whenever Ava is doing something she shouldn’t,  they always worry about her heart, and they just don’t want to take any chances.


So we were admitted and Ava was hooked up to the heart monitor and sat monitor, and over-night all her numbers leveled out and looked great.   So thankfully this all doesn’t seem related to her heart function, it’s just her cold wrecking havoc.   After our London  Nurse practioner and a Cardiologist  saw her in the morning, and one of her meds got upped to hopefully help with her sweating,  they said that we could go after we got some blood work.

Not blood work!  Two words I dread to hear in reference to Ava.  And it’s not just because no child likes getting their blood taken, it’s just that trying to get blood from Ava is horribly difficult.  Mainly because as a hypoplast,  her heart couldn’t pump as hard in utero and so she has tiny blood vessels compared to other babies and they aren’t really close to the surface.  So often she gets poked repeatedly before they can get blood from her and it seems to be  very traumatizing for me… and probably Ava too, haha.    So the nurses  started trying, and they tried first tried to get blood from her temples… her temples????  Um yes, although I’ve never seen that done before.   But they tried and it must have hurt like crazy because Ava cried so hard I thought she would burst a blood vessel.     After they tried both sides of her head with no luck, they thought they would give her a break and call someone else in.

So the next nurse that tried though she found a good spot on her foot – but same thing, couldn’t draw back.   It seems that when Ava cries she does a full body clench and they don’t seem to be able to pull back any blood.  But then when they give up and pull out the needle, Ava relaxes and starts to bleed.  Go figure.    So after they stanched the bleeding from her foot,  they decided that after the next poke if it didn’t work they would give up – and so they tried the top of Ava’s wrist and they managed to get a tiny bit of blood from her.  Thankfully they gave up and that was that.  I don’t think I realized how worked up it made me seeing Ava in that much pain until later that night when we were home and Sarah and William both hurt themselves back to back.    I kinda lost it and told them that no one was allowed to hurt themselves anymore that night because my nerves were shot and I couldn’t handle it.   Nice going mom. 🙂

So now we are at home again and we are praying that Ava will kick this cold before it stresses her out more.   The London team alluded to the fact that Toronto might want to delay her catheterization because she is sick,  and that thought is depressing.    Ava needs her next surgery to get stronger and if we have to delay her cath, then we also delay her surgery.   And that would be hard to take as it could push her surgery into the summer and leaves her longer in this place were she isn’t very strong.

But again we get all our strength from God, all His peace and reassurance and hope.  And even with this cold of Ava’s and the awful weather that isn’t helping,  we know that we can get through yet another day by God’s grace alone.  And He is holding Ava in his hand and whatever happens it’s going to be OK.   But I will say it again,

Drat this cold!!!

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