Delay and Sick Days

So I heard from Toronto yesterday and they are almost 100% sure that Ava’s catheterization scheduled for next week has been postponed due to her cough.  Boo hoo.   So even though it’s not officially cancelled yet, it stands to reason they don’t want her sick and coughing if they need to check the pressures in her lungs.  And I certainly don’t want to have to do this test twice.

The news is a huge bummer, but I’m glad they had warned me last week when we were in emerg that it might happen.   So we keep waiting!  It looks like we will still be going to Toronto next week for Ava’s sedated echo which was scheduled as part of her pre-cath work-over.   Please pray for that because last time she had a sedated echo, she went all gray and limp when she was coming out of sedation – and we don’t want that to happen again.  Actually,  I’m starting to think of the catheterization itself with a little bit of hesitation.   It is a 2-3 hour procedure done under general anesthetic and there is always risk with that.   I hadn’t really thought too much about it before, but now that it’s been delayed  I’m going to have lots of time to think.   And it’s a shame, it would have been nice to have it done and over with before I realized I should be worrying. 🙂

And then to top it all off,   Sarah came down with a fever tonight – and that’s not good for her sake or Ava’s.   She is constantly playing with Ava and holding her, and we can’t afford for Ava to get sick again.   And for herself , when diabetics get sick their blood glucose levels go all wonky.   So tonight we need to check Sarah’s blood sugars every four hours to make sure she’s OK.     Illness apparently makes your demand for insulin go up – so that can affect a diabetic by making their blood glucose levels get too high and they can develope diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) – which is very very very bad.    And here in London we don’t have access to a Diabetes doctor 24/7  like we did when we were in Toronto, but at least here we have 24/7 access to our friend Dave… at least that’s what he says.  Thanks for your help tonight Dave!

So we keep trudging along here,  through the delays, and through the Sick Days.  Please keep us in your prayers!

3 thoughts on “Delay and Sick Days

  1. Oh, my friends! So much on your plates! God bless each of you with His joy that He has promised will be your strength. Love you guys and will continue to pray.

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