What a beautiful day today!  Too bad it deteriorated into a thunderstorm tonight.  And apparently in our good old Ontario fashion, we are going to be experiencing high humidy tomorrow…  already, although it’s only April.  But it’s Ok, as long it’s not snow.

And I had to write tonight to say that Sarah is doing good.  Her blood sugar did spike last night along with her fever, but at that point we didn’t know if she had any ketones in her urine (because she was fast asleep) so we held off on giving her extra insulin and then waited until midnight to check her again.  Thankfully by then her blood glucose levels did come down a bit and we were able to check for ketones and didn’t find any, thankfully.     And then when I checked her blood sugar again at 4:00 am (was up anyway feeding Ava and pumping), she was below 10, where she is supposed to be, praise God.   It really is such a blessing that she is still in her honeymoon period where she is still making a bit of insulin for herself, and she does tend to self regulate at night.  We don’t know how long this phase will last – but we truly believe that God is arranging it so we don’t have as much stress and worry with her right now.   It’s just so weird dealing with diabetes and a bad cold – I can’t even give my child lemon tea with honey in it, which is frustrating, but hopefully before Christmas Sarah will be on the insulin pump and that will be such a game changer.   We are looking forward to it.

And it was fun to hang out with Sarah today and the sunshine today did alot to lift my spirits.   Sophia is staying for a few days with my mom, which is wonderful because Sophia likes to engage me all day long and then gets frusterated when I’m too busy to play with her.  Recently she has said a few times that she would like to send Ava away.  Oh dear.  I know she loves her but I can understand that for a three year old it would be fruaterating when mommy seems to spend all her time on the baby.   So I really appreciate it when mom and others that take Sophia off my hands occassionally.  (Thanks Dianne and Rachel!) And even though I’m sure  Sophia talks their ears off, she just soaks up the attention and though I’m sad it can’t be me giving it to her all the time, I know she benefits.

And now I think poor Ava may have picked up Sarah’s cold!   She seemed a  bit more snuffly again this morning and she might be coughing a bit more too .   I record a lot of information about her during the day – like her weight and her oxygen saturation levels, but I still don’t record how many times she coughs. 🙂   At least this week I don’t feel I need to worry as much about her heart, and know now what a cold can do to her, so hopefully we can avoid any more trips to the ER.   But please keep praying for her, we just don’ t want her to get any  sicker.

So tonight we are thankful that Ava is doing OK – that Sarah is manageable and that honeymoon periods for diabetics exist.  God is good.

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