Please come

Next Sunday – May 5th –  Lord willing – we are dedicating Ava at church and you are all invited!  I mean it!  Even if you don’t normally attend church, if you have been following our story,  you live in our area and are free next Sunday, we want you there to see Ava and share this time with us as we dedicate this little Birdy….


When we dedicate a baby at our church it means that we are publicly acknowledging that our child is a gift from God, and we ask for help in our endeavour to raise that child according to God’s word – the Bible.    And because we have so much to be thankful for regarding Ava, Jason and I have been given an opportunity to say a few words about our journey and I know I’m going to cry buckets, and I would mean so much if you could join us.

Please see this link – Harvest Bible Chapel – for service times and information – and you can always email me at for more information.  And you can definitely bring your kids as there are programs running for them during both services up to grade 5.  We will be sharing our story at both services on Sunday so you can choose either one.

We are so grateful to God for His goodness and since Ava doesn’t normally go to church because of risk of infection, it will be so nice to have everyone together.       If something unexpected comes up – like another hospitalization – we will have to change the date, but we will post any information regarding that here on our blog.

So don’t be shy, please please come, we want you there.

10 thoughts on “Please come

  1. Lisa, it was such a wonderful blessing to see you guys publically dedicate Ava this morning at church! (and to have you AT church!!!!) I have continued to pray daily for all of you and for precious little Ava. Thank you for letting us all share in such a special day, in so many ways! xo

  2. Looking forward to seeing your whole family together at church and hearing your ‘God at Work’ story! What a blessing your story has been for SO many people!
    Praying Ava will stay healthy enough for it to happen next week.

    So if you do it without crying can we assume you are sqeezing your butt cheeks together?
    🙂 Maybe I’ll try it so I don’t cry listening to your story! 🙂

    I so appreciate your continual updates. We continue to pray daily for you all!

  3. I came across your blog through a posting you did on Amy Koslowski’s blog. I know the baby dedication is an important milestone in Ava’s life, something we do at our church, too! My mother in law, who is head of women’s ministry at our church always says that if you need to do public speaking and you get emotional, the trick is to squeeze your butt cheeks together really hard. It sounds crazy and I laughed about it when i heard it, but it really does stop the tears from flowing!! Especially if there is something you want to say without having your emotions get the better of you! Anyhow, I just thought I would pass that along…hope it works for you, too!!! :o)

  4. If i see correct the service is held at Banting? If so, we’ll see you for the first service on Sunday! If i can help with anything please let me know.

  5. Good day Lisa! I hope I’m sending this appropriately – I’ve usually commented before if I wanted to get a message to you! Thank you so much for the invitation! I truly wish I could attend & meet darling little Ava but unfortunately next Sunday is the MS Walk here in Guelph. As I’m sure you understand, it is important for me to be here & to do the 5km route for the Walk. I’ll be thinking of you all at next Sunday’s important event!!! I look forward to meeting Ava at the cottage!!! Sending you big hugs & lots of love!! Love, Marlene

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