Touched my heart…

Last week I received an email from dear friends of ours who used to be our neighbours for many years but have since moved away.   Their family suffered through the devastating loss of a newborn baby 7 years ago – so I know they have very tender hearts when it comes to babies. And I wanted to share some excerpts of what they wrote us…  

Hi Lisa, We want to let you know we have been praying for you guys from the Bahamas. We pray for strength physically, emotionally and spiritually for you and Jay as you take care and lead your precious family.   A few weeks ago we had a special dinner for baby Ava– we had heart shaped pasta.  We prayed for her heart throughout our special meal.  We decided that every time we spot a heart we will pray at that moment for baby Ava’s heart.  It may be a cloud in the shape of a heart or a rock or a shell or in a book.

Kezia has been making heart bracelets, they are adorable and are a great reminder for us to pray for baby Ava’s heart.  We would love to make and send heart bracelets to family and friends who are praying for Ava.  We thought if you could mention this on your blog with Kezia’s email anyone who would like a heart bracelet to remind them throughout the day to pray for Ava can email her with their mailing address and we would send them a bracelet.

This email touched my heart, right at that tender spot that makes you cry.   We praise God for friends like these who have never stopped praying for Ava and her heart and our family. Here is what the bracelets looks like, I love the hearts! heart photo

So if you would like one (I can’t wait till mine arrives!) please email Kezia and I know she would love to send you one – thanks Kezia!

How many times can I say that we are so thankful for the people God has placed in our lives?   I guess I just can’t say it enough, we are so blessed and God is good!