Crazy week

Well you’ll never guess where I’m writing this post from today… so I’ll tell you,  Sick Kids.

Ava and I and Jason’s mom came down yesterday for some clinic visits, but instead of going home, Ava got admitted and we are at here for at least the weekend, such a bummer.

So this crazy week for Ava seems to have all started last Sunday when my girls accidentally pulled out Ava’s ng tube just as I was going to get Ava ready for church for her dedication.  It was a bit stressful, but I got it back in, but even during her first feed with the reinserted tube,  Ava vomited up some of her milk.  That wasn’t like her, so by Tuesday after she had spilled quite a bit of her milk many times, I talked to both the Nurse Practioner here in London and in Toronto,   and we decided that her ng tube probably needed to be replaced.   So I replaced the tube and she seemed much better and that was good.  That was NG tube insertion number 1.

But the next day – Wednesday – when I gave her her daily dose of aspirin via her ng tube,  it got stuck in the ng tube and blocked it completely!!!  Oh man!  I’ve never had that happen before, but the tube I had put in the day before was a different ng tube than the kind we’ve always used from Sick Kids, and it had smaller holes and I guess I didn’t dissolve the aspirin well enough.   So after calling in some reinforcement, we replaced her tube again.    That was NG tube Insertion number 2.

But then her vomiting increased again and so once again I thought it may have been the tube, so Thursday night before her 11:00 pm feed, I inserted it once again.  Tube Insertion number 3.  And at that point I seriously thought that if we weren’t going to be going to Toronto the next day I would bring her to emerg in London, because the vomiting had been going on too long.

So Friday – we left for Toronto early and Ava had a GI consult for a G-Tube and they did say that she was a candidate, but in all likely hood she wouldn’t have the surgery until after her Glenn.  But during the appointment, Ava – who was sleeping in her stroller – didn’t look so good as she was breathing fast and her heart was beating faster too.   The nurse ran to get the Dr and I picked Ava up and she calmed down and was better by the time the nurse came back with the dr, so we finished the appointment and that was that.

Then Ava had her echo at 1:30 pm and after that we saw the Nurse practioner with the Single Ventricle Clinic.  But Ava was up to her old tricks and she was breathing fast again and her heart rate was fast and when the Cardiologist came in he said he wasn’t comfortable sending her home like this and wanted to admit her.

So she was admitted and the poor turkey had to get a chest x-ray to make sure nothing was brewing in her lungs and so before that, we once again inserted another ng tube – a Sick Kids one this time.  Tube insertion number 4.   But that tube just seemed to want to come out, so we inserted it again.  Tube insertion number 5.  But that tube had a hole in it, so had to do it again,  tube insertion number 6.  But the next tube, the wire didn’t want to come out, so that ng tube leaked from where it had scrunched up where the wire got suck.   So at 11:00 pm, we once again inserted another ng tube down my daughter’s nostrils.   Tube insertion number 7. Poor poor baby.

So here we are.   The plan for today is to give her more lasix and slow down her feeds to see if that takes care of the vomiting and the fast heart rate and breathing.   By Monday we should see if that’s enough.  If it’s not, it just might be the source of all Ava’s problems could be her heart, as her echo showed decrease function and more leaking from the valves.  Not good.  So if they are still worried about her heart, we will probably stay longer.

So please pray that it’s just a blimp that can be remedied with meds and rest.   God had a plan for Ava and for us, so even though here in the hospital is not where I want to be, I can be here in faith and trust.

God is good.  All the time.   I just never want to insert another ng tube into Ava’s nostrils ever again!



5 thoughts on “Crazy week

  1. Heard this a.m you were back in Sick Kids! 😦
    7 tube insertions? That poor little sweetheart…and you having to do half of those…poor you! You are an amazing woman to do that!
    Hope you are having a happy mother’s day in spite of being at Sick Kids…but I know you have been making the best of these situations thus far, so I’m sure your family is getting through it with the Lord’s help (hope Jay & the rest of your family were able to come for a visit!) 🙂
    Praying for you!

  2. Lisa, Happy Mother’s Day, you are a truly remarkable Mom.I’m sad you have to spend the day in the hospital…but I hope you and Ava are home soon. Take Care. Love Melinda

  3. Aww sweet baby girl. God bless you. You are covered in prayer. Praying for a good nights rest for all. Love you all.

  4. AH guys hope all calms down sometime soon!!!! AH Ava your going to give your mother a heart problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

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