Feels weird

Ava is doing great today, which is good.  Yesterday I don’t think she was feeling that well, probably because of the after effects of the sedation and the tube they would have put down her throat during the cath.   So is nice to see that she is feeling better.

She might be feeling better, but I’m having a hard time adjusting now to Ava’s new accommodations at Sick Kids.   Because Ava is now on IV heart medication, Ava had to move from a private room she shared with me, to a “step-down” room with 3 other children that always has at least two nurses in it at all times.

This is a huge change for us, first off because I can no longer stay with her over-night and it’s just a different atmosphere… very busy and there seems to always be a baby crying, or a machine making noise or beeping, so it’s going to take some getting used too.

And last night just felt plain weird.  Here I am, a mom of five young children, without any children around!    I hope that Jason and the kids can come join me before I get used to it… haha.   Thankfully it feels too strange to feel good. 🙂

And I’ve had some pics of Ava that I tried to share last night but I don’t think they worked so I will try again.

Here is my little Birdy going for a walk in the hospital… this was before she got an IV pole, it’s not so easy now!


And then a few pictures of her before her cath on Thursday…



Once again, Ava looks great, even though on the inside of her things are telling a different story.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and encouragement, we appreciate them so much!!!

2 thoughts on “Feels weird

  1. Just wanting you to know we are continuing to pray for healing for sweet Ava and for strength and peace for you and Jason.

    Was thinking of you today as we sang this song “My Hope”. It’s one of those songs that I can’t stop singing since we learned it recently. It’s message brings such comfort.

    Just some excerpts from the song…(sorry for taking up so much space) 🙂

    Nothing can reach,
    The end of all your faithfulness
    Your grace is with me,
    Through every shadow, every test
    I’m hangin’ on
    I’m leaning in, to You.

    I don’t know where You’ll take me
    But I know You’re always good.

    My hope is built on nothing else,
    Than Your great love, Your righteousness.
    I will not walk another way
    I trust Your heart, I trust Your name.
    I’m holdin’ on,
    I’m holdin’ on to You.

    You are my rock
    When storms are raging all along,
    You shelter me, God.
    I’m safe with You on solid ground,
    I’m hangin’ on,
    I’m leaning in, to You.

    Praying that you continue to hang on and lean in to Him as you have so far! You are an encouragement to many.

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