A day that ended well

It’s such a relief that this day ended well because it started out kinda crazy!    When I got to the hosptial this morning I was informed that during the night Ava’s heart-rate and respitory rate had risen and they got a little worried.   Then when they changed her diaper, they found blood in her urine… Ava!!

So they did some blood work and tested her urine and then because she’s still coughing, they repeated the nasal swab that we had done Wednesday and she got another chest x-ray… those horrible chest x-rays that baby’s get that make them cry and cry.    So basically she got a full work-over.

And just in case she was coming down with a new virus, we got moved out of the step-down room that we were in, to a single room right across the hall for droplet contamiation.    So we spent a nice quiet restful day in there while Ava slept and slept.

I had them check the results of the swab early afternoon and it came back clear, no new viruses!   Her chest x-ray was also clear and there was no more blood in her urine.      Her blood-work had shown that her white blood cell counts and nutrophils  were up a bit, and her urine did show a touch of bacteria, but since Ava woke up from her long nap happy and comfortable  and didn’t have a fever, they didn’t start her on antibiotics and they lifted the contact restrictions and moved us back into the shared step-down room to make her care easier for the nurses on tonight.

So I’m happy to say that things seem to be good with our sweet little Birdy now – praise God.

But please pray for aanother sweet little girl that I’ve met while I’ve been here – little Bella is 3 and isn’t doing very well tonight.  It’s really hard to see another family struggle, especially as Bella also is single ventricle like Ava.

For us, I’m just praising God for a good day for our family, even though we aren’t together and I’m so thankful to Him that this day has ended well.