Together Again

Praise God our family is together again!  I went and saw Ava in the hospital Saturday morning and then hopped on a train around noon and  was home before 3 pm.   It was fantastic to be home, but bitter-sweet too because a part of me just didn’t want to leave, and was just wishing that we were all home together – with Ava – to stay.

But we started packing up and when Sunday morning dawned Jason and I both felt that we should go to church.  We technically didn’t have the time to go to church if we were going to leave nice and early for Toronto, but really didn’t have the time NOT to go to church, you know what I mean?    So we went, and were incredibly blessed by our Pastor Norm’s sermon.  The sermon was on living by faith, how appropriate!    And we were reminded once again, that we can’t live for God without faith, and without faith it’s impossible to please God.  A fantastic verse that feels like it’s just for us is…

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Oh blessed assurance.  God has not forgotten us, and we knew then why God had been calling us to church,  He wanted to encourage us, remind us that we can’t walk this journey on our own, and to keep walking in faith – even when things don’t make sense and we don’t understand.  And like Norm said,  God is still good even when everything that is happening seems not good.  Praise God that He is good.

And one example of how good God is… poor little Ava has an IV, and that’s how she’s been getting her heart meds.   But IV’s don’t last long on a baby like Ava who doesn’t have good veins – and last night it was in her foot, but when I came in this morning it had been changed to her hand;  and I knew instinctively that it was hurting her.  She was unhappy and unsettled and I know Ava and I knew that she was in pain.

The nurse looked at it and thought that it was a good line, but blood kept backing up into it and thankfully our nurse practioner told the nurse to get the IV team back up to look at it.  They came, and thought it was a good line,  but as they were checking it, I was at the foot of Ava’s bed praying that God would be gracious and make it clear to them what the problem was.    And then when they removing the bandages to get a better look…  oops, the IV came out!!   Praise God!   And before they could put another in, the NP and the cardiologist made a quick decision to take Ava off the IV heart meds, and try oral one’s instead – so that means no more IV’s, at least for now.

So today was a good day without any new developments.     Jason and the kids came up and got to see Ava again, and even though Ava wasn’t feeling her best today,  it was so nice to see the kids excited to see their sister again and Jason and I are just so happy that our family can be together again.

2 thoughts on “Together Again

  1. Just wanted to let you know that we miss you guys:)! What amazing Godly parents you have been through this journey. Please know that we care. Much Love

  2. I’m so glad you guys are all together again! Also that they changed her meds so she isn’t in pain from IV’s right now. Hopefully that continues to work out.

    Love you all! Hope you are settling in there!

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