Please pray…

Our little Ava is rather sick right now.  She was diagnosed yesterday with para-influenza, a bug that can make a healthy baby sick, let alone a baby who is in heart failure like Ava.    She is on oxygen right now and they’ve started her IV heart medication again and is being followed by the critical care team right now.

We will just have to wait and see whether she has the strength to beat this bug, or if she will get worse which could potentially put her little life in jeopardy.

Jason and I are just praying for peace and strength and that God’s will will be done in Ava’s life.    Please pray for this little life, she is God’s and we are trusting in Him completely.



13 thoughts on “Please pray…

  1. Praying for physical strength for you and for God’s peace that truly passes all understanding at this time.

  2. We are praying for little Ava…and for lots of strength and peace for you and Jason during this time. Love you guys! xo

  3. Heart is breaking for you as I picture you standing by with Ava. Praying for God’s will and a miracle for His glory.

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