Trying to mend

Well it’s seems it’s been an uphill battle for Ava to recover from everything she’s gone through.  Yesterday (Sunday) I was concerned about her in the morning, because she was breathing shallow and fast, and seemed so pale.  I was concerned enough to call the resident back in to have a look at her.   He at least could reassure me that she was ‘safe’ (stable), and that did help to relieve my mind.    As the day went on she did seem to get better, even though she just slept most of the day.   She was only up for two short bouts,  but had lots of smiles for daddy when he went to see her last night, so that was wonderful.  Anytime she smiles, I’m thankful.

Jason had to go out first thing this morning so I stayed here with the kids instead of going up to the hospital right away like I usually do, and when I called the hospital to check on Ava they said that they were a little worried about her as she was so pale and puffy.  I was able to tell them that she started the day off yesterday the same, but made sure to hurry over there as soon as Jason got back.   She was more awake and alert today, but definitely puffy and so today they concentrated on reducing her fluid intake and trying to diurese her.   The extra fluid makes it harder for her to breathe and probably makes her feel crummy.     They also did blood work and it seems her hemoglobin in low so she is going to need a blood transfusion, but they will wait and do that tomorrow. Oma and Opa were able to stop by today to see her and again, she had lots of smiles for them, but didn’t stay up too long after that, smiling for her is exhausting. 🙂

She is still on oxygen and definitely still on her IV heart meds… I’m not sure she will ever be able to wean off of those.   But hopefully she will recover from all this soon and then we can continue doing all the checks needed for her transplant work-up.    Once all testing is done we can sit down with the transplant Dr’s and see what they have to say about listing her for a heart.

So that is what we are up too.  Just day by day, trusting in God and seeing what He has in store and waiting for our Ava to mend.