This little turkey…

So this little turkey… one day she has me thinking that she is not long for this world, and the next day she is happy and has more smiles than I’ve seen in a long time…


Her uncle John and aunt Erin came to see her and she couldn’t stop smiling… (thanks guys for taking these pics!)


I can’t tell you how wonderful it makes me feel to see her looking so amazing and so happy to boot.

Partly I think she’s doing better because they are figuring out her fluid balance and they are giving the right amount of lasix as the right time.  With her heart functioning so poorly, it’s  just not able to move fluid properly, so she needs the help removing it.   It’s very clear that when Ava is fluid over-loaded she doesn’t feel good, but when she’s balanced she feels better!

She still is needing oxygen as you can see, and I wouldn’t say that she is getting ‘better’, but she is rallying and just to be able to keep her happy and stable would be a blessing.

Isn’t God good?   Each and every time when I feel like things just can’t go on,  God proves again that this Ava story is NOT done and He still has a plan for her.   Our job is to keep trusting and holding on through the ups and downs, and just wait and see what God is going to do.

Thank-you once again for all your prayers and support.   God knows that without it, we just couldn’t do this journey.

Oh my little turkey Ava, I love to see that smile!!!

11 thoughts on “This little turkey…

  1. I love your girl! What a gift she is to all of us. Continuing to pray for you daily. God bless you all. Trusting in His good and perfect plan.

  2. SO precious! That smile is absolutely infectious! What a darling she i! 🙂
    Continuing to pray for you…we serve an awesome God!

  3. She is just SO lovely! What a doll! 🙂 Happy Father’s Day, Jason! You are amazing and we are praying for you. Love you guys! Praying! 🙂

  4. Oh Lisa it warms my heart to see Ava so happy. She is beauitful. And it was a wonderful surprise to see the kids and Jason on Friday and get many big hugs from Sarah. I miss you guys all the time.

  5. Her eyes are so happy in these pictures and her smile so bright. What a darling she is- and I’m glad you both are having some better days.

  6. lol…she just makes me smile with all that smile she is showing. And do I see 2 teeth about to pop through? Oh Ava…stay strong little one.

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