the Zoo

Today we went to the Toronto Zoo!     Through Sick Kids Child Life Program,  the Zoo graciously had us as their guests (free of charge) and we went and enjoyed a day with the kids and the animals.  It was good and we had a great time and it was nice to get away and spend some time as a family.

And we saw the Pandas!   Well, actually we saw one of the Pandas that are currently on loan to the Zoo from China.   The other one was sleeping inside and we didn’t want to line up to see him or her, I can’t remember which Panda this was… but it was pretty cute!


I think our favouite was the Polar bears though… it was cool seeing them swim underwater and eat their vegetables…


Now I’ll be honest, going to the zoo wasn’t exactly all roses and peaches and cream.  Jason and I have been realizing that our regular lives include more than the average amount of stress (really?) and so when we add extra stress (like taking four kids to a Zoo)  I feel like I don’t have much reserve to deal with stressful situations… like when we lost Will today.  Well technically Will lost us, he kept walking after we saw the penguins and thought we were behind him, except when he looked behind we weren’t there.    Thankfully the other kids and I stayed put and Jason went after him and found a rather upset Will fairly quickly, praise God, but I felt the panic rising up in me much quicker than it would have before.

So it was really nice that when we found ourselves all getting tired and cranky and hot,  we could go cool off at the splash pad.  The kids loved it and had a great time.





We were definitly blessed to be able to get away today and make some memories!!!

And then I had time before dinner to go to the hospital and see our own little elephant…. sweet little Ava on her CPAP…

Ava Cpap2

Ava Cpap

The camera flash startled her here…  sweet little miss.   It’s a little hard that Ava needs to be on CPAP so much, they have pretty much said she needs to be on it at all times, except for a few quick breaks here and there.    But thankfully for most of that time is she asleep, and when she is awake it doesn’t bother her too much and I can still hold her interact with her with it on.

When I did take the CPAP mask off her tonight, she was so smiley and happy…


But she just can’t be off it for long.     Tonight she only lasted about 30 minutes off before it was obvious that she was working too hard.   But last night in the short time she was off, I was able to feed her pears and she was drinking milk from her sippy cup!     We just have to enjoy the good times we do have with her now,  even though it is hard not to mourn the time that we are missing out on.    But we will take whatever good God gives.

So all in all,  it was a good day, making the most of the situation we are in.

Thanks again for your prayers and your encouragement… we appreciate it so much!

9 thoughts on “the Zoo

  1. We are going to the T.O zoo tomorrow! So excited to see the pandas! Just hope we don’t have any stressful events like misplacing a child! Glad you found him! 🙂
    Great pics of all the kids! Looks like they had a fun time…so nice to have some wonderful memories in the midst of your ‘not-so-normal’ life these days.
    You are constantly in our prayers Lisa…Daniel and I pray for Ava & your family every night!

  2. Glad to hear you were able to have a good day as a family. Thanks for posting the pictures of the children – everyone looks so happy and grown up. Hard to believe Erik is now ten… was that birth really ten years ago?? 🙂
    Continued thoughts and prayers for strength for all of you …

  3. wow the kids look so much older in these pictures… especially Erik! And the one of Soph does a good job of showing her personality. 🙂

    Sorry you had the crazy panic of losing Will for a few minutes, such an awful feeling, especially in a huge place like the Toronto zoo.

  4. Great pictures Lisa…glad you got some time to do something fun. I love how you went to the zoo and then you said you went to the hospital to see your “sweet little elephant” (smirk). Give Ava and all the kids a big hug from us. Miss you guys and always praying.

  5. Both yours & Jason’s strength blows me away Lisa!! Thank you for the wonderful photos! Sending you all big hugs & lots of love!!

  6. Dear Ones – I am technically challenged and never know if anyone will get anything I send – but hope you know we are grateful to our Natalie for sending along your updates. We feel as if we all as a family are so close to you as we read, watch and pray to God for little Ava. My tears flowed this a.m. as I saw pictures of your sweet ones and I recalled HE is collecting all our tears. What a bottle full of tears and what a journey!!. None of us will ever know til eternity the impact this dear little one and your faith (even the ups and downs) have influenced so many. As you continue to an choose to trust God thru this;and have found comfort and strength in His Word,we all are amazed and encouraged. We all realize that children are lent for a time-that we are not in control and not God and eternity is a breath away. James MacDonald told his Mother that Jesus promised we will never die…Lorna had A.L.S. and her body was slowly dying.inch by inch – He said you will never die but close your eyes in sleep and wake up in heaven with joy & delight never to suffer or be sick again,. What comfort believers have. We are praying for you and your family and especially that little darling girl, Ava. Luv ya — Trudy and Clare (Chittick)

  7. I would have to say even with no stress of everything else taking 4 kids to the zoo would be stressful!!! An then Will missing yeah stressful!!! Lots of hugs to you all!!!

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