His perfect timing

I have some great news for everyone, but I will keep you waiting and first tell you that little miss Ava had another great day.   Our plan was to go to church today, so when I accidentally woke up early this morning I to put it to good use by getting the kids ready and dressed to help Jason out,  and then I left the rest of the getting ready to him and went to visit Ava.    And Ava was so happy to see me!  I got some cuddles and lots of smiles from her and we both really enjoyed our quick visit.   Then Jason and the kids picked me up from the hospital and we went to church at Harvest Toronto West .   And there we heard a great sermon about how God always has a plan, God’s plans are always for His glory, God’s plans are always for our good and that we must believe that God’s timing is always perfect.    Can you believe that was the sermon?  Seriously it was, I kid you not.   Little did the pastor know that he was delivering a sermon tailor-made for us.  And even though these aren’t new concepts, I think it was perfect time for a reminder of these truths.

But in terms of God’s timing being perfect, I am so excited to tell you that our little friend Aleeda from the hospital got her new heart Friday!!!!    She did!!!  It’s so incredible,  because after waiting one full year, she finally received a heart transplant and the wait is finally over.   I am rejoicing with her family and I am so thankful that God has answered all the prayers that had gone up on Aleeda’s behalf.  God is good.

Now, just because Aleeda has received a new heart doesn’t mean that everything automatically is well with her… she is still in critical condition and her chest isn’t closed yet, so please please be in prayer for her as her body adjusts to this new heart.   Just think, all of her organs and brain and even her blood vessels need to become accustomed to a good steady blood flow, something that she hasn’t had in a really long time.  But she is a fighter this little one, and I know that God is going to carry her through this.

It’s certainly my prayer that God will carry her through as Aleeda has definitely found a place in my heart.   She had a room right across from Ava’s, and even today I missed seeing her cute little face smiling at me from her high-chair in the hallway.   She used to lure me over to her by making her kissing face,  even though most of the time when I went over to her she just allowed me to kiss her.  She loves Ava and always smiled when she saw her and her mom has become a wonderful friend to me.   I have been so inspired by how patiently Aleeda’s mom Tanya waited for this heart, the staff at the hospital loved her and so they should, as Tanya never grumbled or complained.    Tanya also has a strong faith in God and we both knew that He had a plan, and it’s so amazing to see God’s plan and timing finally come together.

And it’s another reminder that God can bring a heart!   And so we ourselves just keep giving Ava to God, knowing that she is His child first and foremost and even though this waiting for a new heart – or perhaps God’s plan to ultimately heal Ava in heaven – isn’t an easy road to travel,  we can trust God and wait for His perfect timing.


7 thoughts on “His perfect timing

  1. Praise God!
    So happy for Aleeda & her family! 🙂
    We will continue to pray for her, that her body would accept it. Praying Ava will be the next recipient!

  2. What amazing news! Matt, Jack and I just cheered!! What an AMAZING GOD we have! Give Tanya a hug from us! We are praying for her as well
    We continue to pray for Ava and all of you 🙂

  3. How wonderful! How marvellous! For Aleeda and her family!!! And for you and Ava and family too!!!
    Psalm 5:3 says..For to YOU I pray. In the morning, O Lord You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch….!!!!
    Ava ( and your family) are in my prayers each morning and I am eagerly watching to see what our wonderful God will do….Blessings..Love Joan xo
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  4. I think I know where the heart came from too and from tragedy comes something positive!!! Prayers for both families as each is dealing with something so big and life changing!!!

  5. Oh praise God!! I think I might know where that heart came from, and when I saw it in the news I was praying Aleeda or Ava or someone could benefit from such a sad happening. So so so thrilled to hear her wait is over, and will be praying for her body to accept it.

    You should listen to the harvest London sermon too from this week. SO good and made me think of you…
    Love you!

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