Quick jot…

Today was an OK day for Ava.  I got to the hospital early this morning because I didn’t want to miss any of her awake time, and I was rewarded by a happy smily girl, who gave me a nice snuggle.   I took her for a walk around the unit, but she tried quickly and wanted to go to sleep right away.   It turns out that her liver is a bit enlarged again which means that yet again she is getting fluid over-loaded.  I thought that it might be that way yesterday as she just didn’t have the energy that she did have the previous week and her heart-rate has been higher than normal.   So this morning they decided that she needed another dose of metolazone – the heavy-duty diuretic they give her once in a while.  It takes a while to work, but I’m hopeful that by tomorrow morning she will be feeling a little better.   She is such a little trooper and even though she still wants to sleep most of time, I just cherish the awake time we get with her.

And Aleeda is doing well… she is still sedated in the Critical Care Unit, and they are still waiting for her ‘new’ heart to regain all its function.   Apparently it’s not usual for a transplanted heart to lose some function after transplant, but we are just praying that the heart recovers all of it’s function soon.   Alleeda also still has an open sternum, so please pray that they can get her chest closed sooner than later, and that she and her new heart can heal quickly together.

And I apologize but it’s been a very busy day and I’m fading fast and so I need to sign off.  But tomorrow is another day and as always I will keep you posted!

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