Here we are again.  Another week has passed and I am attempting to blog and my plan is to succeed.  🙂

First off, as a family we are doing fairly well all things considered.  We are working on getting a good school routine going with the kids and I’m pleased to report that Sophia seems to have turned a corner this week in regards to wanting to go to school.  Up until now she’s been hesitant about going and has refused to take the bus in the morning. I don’t really mind driving her, but when I drop her off I’ve been having to find one of her teachers to hand her off too and then she would start crying and I would have to peel her off of me and bolt.   The teachers always said she was fine five minutes later, but it still wasn’t a fun routine.    But  yesterday morning when I dropped her off at school, she found a little friend right away and I left her happily playing in the play-yard and she was fine with me leaving.  And she was all smiles when she got off the bus in the afternoon, and this morning she actually rode the bus to school!  Way to go Sophia!

And Sarah is doing well.  She’s loving school this year and on Saturday, she and I went to a ‘Diabetes Family Day’ put on by the hospital.  It was really good and I learned a few things and Sarah  met a little friend who also has diabetes who we plan on keeping in touch with.   So I was really glad we went.

William is also doing well.  I do think that he is still trying to process everything that has happened, and so we are trying hard to give him the extra time he needs with us, and that boy likes to talk.  He also likes to run so we were happy that this year he could join the Cross Country team at school.  He just loves it and its so nice that he has an outlet for all his energy and I can’t wait to see him run in a meet.

Erik has also been busy since he bought a Raspberry Pi online (it’s a computer) and has been busy learning how to program it.   I found a website online where you can learn to code and that’s how he loves to spend his time now… which kinda makes me laugh, but I’m very proud too.  Except I wish he was as interested in his math homework.   Jason and I aren’t sure where we got Erik from, but I’m pretty sure he’s already smarter than me.

So with our family update out-of-the-way I can tell you about our quick trip to Sudbury.   You might ask why we would go up there, and I will tell you but it’s actually a sad story.   It starts with us spending the summer at the Ronald MacDonald House with a family who had a son named Jordan who was 9 years old.  He was also born with hypo-plastic left heart like our Ava,  but he had his three open heart surgeries when he was young and so was living with his half a heart.   When we met them, his family was staying at the house because Jordan was experiencing some health complications due to his heart, and as it turned out, Jordan was also listed for a heart transplant this summer like Ava.    One nice thing was that for most of the summer and even up until the time that we left in August, he was able to live at the Ronald MacDonald House with his family while he waited for a heart.   And we enjoyed getting to know his mom and dad while we were there, and Sophia liked playing with Jordan’s little sister who was the same age as her.

Now I’m a little sketchy on all the details, but I do think Jordan had been admitted to Sick Kids and had spent some time there before a heart did come in for him two weeks ago Tuesday.   Except that Jordan walked into the operating room, and didn’t come back out in good shape at all.   It was hard to hear that the transplant did not go as hoped and a few days after the transplant surgery, Jordan lost his life.    We were so devastated by the news, not only because we had gotten to know Jordan and his family,  but because this new heart was supposed to make things better… not hurt him and take his life.    I guess it was kinda shocking for us in a way, because the whole time we had waited for a new heart with Ava, we had never really thought that an outcome of a transplant would ever be different from something good.  Perhaps that was just naive of us,  but it makes us wonder now what would have happened if Ava had received a heart?   I guess it’s a non-issue, but , but it’s still a little tough.

But remember how I said that our faith in God gives us assurance that things worked out for Ava the way they were supposed to?   I know the same is true for Jordan, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t grief, and I can only imagine how losing a child you’ve had in your life for nine years would just turn your world upside down.

When we heart the news about Jordan,  Jason and I both knew right away that we needed to go to Jordan’s service, and so that’s why on Sunday morning we packed up and headed north.   Far north.  But honestly, it’s not as far as i thought it was….. for some reason I was thinking half way to the Arctic (haha), but as it turns out it’s only 5 1/2 hours from here.   And God was very faithful to us and provided us a safe journey as well as a place to stay in the form of another family we had met at the Ronald MacDonald House who also were from Sudbury.  They have 7 children and share our faith and we were very excited to be able to go and spend some time with them.   And we did have a wonderful time together.  They were very hospitable and all the kids had a blast together and if we could have stayed a week, we would have.   But we could only manage to be away for one night, and so after Jordan’s service on Monday we had dinner with our friends and headed home again.   But not before stopping to see the big Nickel.  You can’t go to Sudbury and NOT see the big Nickel


And here is a pic of the kids together…


I love big families.

So that was our Sudbury road-trip.   Please keep Jordan’s family in your prayers as they continue to grieve for their son.   I know we are still grieving the loss of our Ava and it’s hard because every day that goes by is a day that I feel further away from her.  It’s one more day added on to the days I haven’t been able to hug her or hold her and it’s hard to think of going ahead and getting that much further away from her.   But on the other hand I know that everyday is a day that I will get closer to seeing her in heaven.  Praise God for the assurance that I have that when I die I will go and see her again.   I can’t wait. 🙂

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 1 Peter 1:3 ESV


3 thoughts on “Sudbury

  1. With ever sad encounter we must continue to turn our eyes upon Jesus. Jesus is the only thing that makes sense when we are wound up in the things that don’t. Praying for Jordon’s family that they do the proper grieving and that Jordan’s story would change the heart of someone else. Thank you for another Blog entry!!!
    In Christ ALONE

  2. So sorry to hear of another loss. Sudbury…did you know that is my hometown? Arctic..i liked that one and how the heck did you make it there in 5.5 hours? Jason, slow down! lol. But on a more serious note, prayers are with Jordan and his family. Faith, like yours, will get them through such a terrible loss in a time that was to be hopeful. Blessings.

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