Hardly know….

I hardly know what to say after all this time!   I’ve been a lazy blogger for sure,  but this cold weather seems to have dulled my mind and most of the time it just felt like I had nothing to write about.   After the first craziness of getting Sarah on a pump at the end of January and February, there hasn’t been really anything exciting going on.   Which might not be strictly true,  but when I think about what we were dealing with last year, things now just don’t seem that big in comparison.   But last year was so out of the ordinary, that getting back to ‘normal’ has been an adjustment, but I will say that normal is good!   Although crazy did include our Ava, so I’ll always look back on that time with some longing.

Since January things have been a little weird for me as well, because all the kids have all been in school and I’ve been home.  They were in September too – but the fall went by so quickly and then it was Christmas that I didn’t notice.    But ever since I quit my job to stay home with the kids before Will was born, I’ve always had a little person at home with me to care for.   And until last August, it was looking like a permanent position.  But then things changed and Sophia started kindergarten and it’s kinda left me high and dry.  But I’m taking this time as a gift from God – time to be quiet and allow my soul to heal.  And Jason and I have some hopes for the fall that will change all of this, so we will keep you posted!

I really enjoyed having the kids at home for March Break even though the weather turned on us.   But we went off and spent a few days with my parents which was wonderful as we got to spend some time with family that we hadn’t seen in a while, including this sweet baby…


We were back home on Friday and I kicked the kids outside to make snow-sculptures for something to do and the results made me laugh…


Soph and Sarah made this snow man…  love it!


Sarah and her snow bear…


Erik and his snowman crunching snowmen (he reads too much Calvin and Hobbes)


And Erik’s friend with a cute snow pig…


Will was sporting a migraine that day so couldn’t participate, but came out later to help judge.  I know it was nice for the kids to get out and play with some packing snow and some sunshine that feels like spring even when the air doesn’t!


So normal is good, and I would really like to keep exciting at bay for now.  Unless it’s exciting in a good way.  But God knows exactly what we need and I am excited to see what this upcoming year will bring for our family!

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