Can’t wait to show you…

Ava’s gravestone!    Today we are celebrating Ava Day – our sweet little Birdy’s birthday;  she would have been 2 years old today!  It’s funny when I think about just how different life would be right now if Ava had been born healthy  – or if she had managed to get a heart and was doing well.   How different and marvelous it would be to have a little 2-year-old running around right now!

But that is not our story and we can be thankful that she is where she is.   We are glad we have this day to remember her, for her sweet smiles in spite of the pain and for how much we loved her and treasured every moment we had with her.

And here is her stone which we are so pleased with, it turned out exactly as I hoped…


And here are the kids with it…


You can’t really see it in the picture,  but the kids hand prints are in the foundation of Ava’s stone.   It was Jason’s idea and I love it.  I love it because the kid’s hand prints are on Ava’s coffin that Jason made and we want them to feel a part of this whole thing as much as possible.  You can see them clearly here before the stone was installed…


And here they are showing off their hand-prints…


Another thing that is a little tough to see if the photos is the verse on the bottom of Ava’s stone.  It’s her verse, Psalm 73:26…

 My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

All I can say to than is AMEN.


We can’t wait to see you again Ava!

17 thoughts on “Can’t wait to show you…

  1. Love the handprints, Scripture & Little birdy! This will help with the continued healing of broken hearts.. It shines that no matter how long our time here, our testimonies touch and change the lives around us. Little Ava touch my life beyond words. Thank you for always sharing Lisa.

  2. Beautiful just like Ava!!! The handprints are so perfect!!! How can a child in so much discomfort have a smile so beautiful and big!!! She was god sent for sure!!!

  3. Lisa, I LOVE the handprints and the inscription on the stone is beautiful! So awesome that the kids are so much a part of this journey with you and Jason. You have an amazing testimony!
    And I adore that photo of Ava…can’t help smiling when I see that photo! Such a precious little girl. 🙂

  4. It’s beautiful, Lisa! It’s so perfect for her. Love the little birdie, and the verse with “heart” in italic, and the handprints.
    So many hugs to you and your family, Lisa. I’ve been thinking of you so much the last month, and was meaning to email you last week….I of course always think of it when I’m NOT at the computer.

    • I was thinking of Grandma today too Janine! And I don’t know if you have her ginger cookie recipe, but I decided I’m going to make them now each year for Ava’s birthday. They are so good and so Christmasy!

  5. What a beautiful stone!! You and Jason both did an incredible job on Sunday! What a great testimony you both are!!! Thank you for letting us in on your life!!

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