There is room for friends

I will be the first to admit I don’t have much talent in the home decorating arena.  I need help picking out paint colours – as in professional help – and with help from friends and family I can kinda limp along in the placing of furniture etc.  I actually think Jason has better taste than me.    But, I like to read the home-decorating blogs and I like to keep up on what the do-it-yourself people are up too, and slowly I’ve been getting some ideas of my own.   I never said they were good ideas, but they were ideas none the less.  Couple all this with the fact that I don’t like spending money on home furnishings unless I have too and well, the end result is that our home is comfortable and nice rather than elegant and refined, but I’m fine with that.

And then once in a while I look at some area of my house and know that something needs to be done.  Since I’m getting a little braver about tackling these projects I just dove (or is it dived?) right in to updating this shelf…

Look at it, oh so cluttered, oh so random and hadn’t been painted in years.   Then we  had these sliding glass doors that made it look like it belonged back in the 70’s.

So I primed it…

Painted the back a contrast colour just a bit darker than our walls and did the rest white…

Then I tried hard to put only things back that I liked….

And even though it’s just me trying to place things nicely on shelves, I believe it’s a huge improvement and it definitely doesn’t look as dated.

And best of all, it contains one of my prized possessions, which I grew up loving and my mom was so nice to give it to me a while back…

And in the end, that’s really why I want my house to look nice anyway –  for friends  – and that’s all I care!


Because everyone loves a good before and after…

Well even if everyone doesn’t, I love them so I’m sharing this whether you like it or not.. ha!

A little bit about before and afters, I’m discovered on my blogging journey that if you want to do them, then you actually have to record your before’s and then your after’s.  I often forget to take the pictures until it’s too late, and then I’m left with just the after’s and not the before’s which are meaningless… but I managed to remember this time and I’m excited that I get to share my first home project.   My closet make-over.   You see,  I have this closet… a wonderfully big coat closet that wasn’t needed for coats so I adopted it.   It became the prime storage space for the kids craft supplies, my sewing stuff, my card making stuff as well as the vacuum cleaner hose,  play-dough, you name it, it was in there.

But it was a complete and utter disaster, even after I would try to clean it out which I actually did do (every once in a while.)  Jason got me two old banks of drawers along the way to put in which was a little better, but the closet still looked like this…

Frankly, it’s embarrassing.    And it was forever on display no matter how hard I would try to hide it because the kids are always going into it and it seems like they were in more when I had people over, go figure!

But my wonderful husband who is so wonderful gifted in the renovation department, had pity on me.  I think it came after a night when I was putting some things back in the closet and I stared an avalanche and it wasn’t pretty.   Or maybe he decided to do it because he knew he would be earning an incredible amount of brownie points, I dunno, but I’m forever grateful.

So the closet was emptied and Sarah and I painted…

Kids love to paint, it’s a fact.  They are also terrible at it and they make a huge mess.  But it was so worth it because we had so much fun and I was able to go over her work while she was napping so I didn’t even hurt her feelings.

Then Jason installed the new shelving and I painted one set of the drawers to keep – and voila – bright new closet just ready for some stuff!

Oh my goodness, doesn’t it look so much better?  I almost hated to put my stuff back in, it looked so nice and clean and empty.

But the stuff had to go back in and that was the hard part.  When it was out of the closet and strewn around my living room, it expanded.   Where one colouring book seemed to come out of the closet, all of a sudden there were 10.  It took a LONG time for me to sort everything, recycle, toss and FINALLY put everything away all nice and organized.  Big sigh of relief right here.     So here is the closet now, in all it’s peaceful glory.  I can see everything and everything has a place and no chance of another avalanche.

To say I’m blessed is a understatment and yes, my husband did earn about a billion brownie points.

So there is my first blog before and after, and hopefully it won’t be the last!