A cowgirl and a cupcake

Thank goodness last week’s festivities are over!   We had alot of fun as a neighborhood again this year, getting together to eat and carve our pumpkins the night before the big day.   We produced such works of art as this…


and this, except it wasn’t so fuzzy in real life…


And the next night we enjoyed having a cowgirl and a cupcake in the house….


Although they did come back a little wet and bedraggled thanks to the rain.  However Sophia has never been one to put herself out for anything – even candy –  so she didn’t last that long and was very happy with her tiny haul.  Sarah got a bit more candy, and the boys (dressed up in Star wars characters) ended up getting a ton… but soon problems arose.   Sarah was sneaking candy.  And who can blame her?  I know it’s wrong and we didn’t like it,  but she was a lover of candy before her diabetes, so I would have rocks in my head if I believed that this issue was going to get better after her diagnosis.   And it was frustrating to have her sugar’s all over the place, even though we were trying hard to allow her treats within her target carb limits.

So on Saturday afternoon I traded the girls a new little stuffy for their candy… yahoo,  what a coup!  But there was still the boy’s candy and they were away visiting my parents for the weekend.  But I got them today with Lego sets that we had left over from last Christmas – and now I don’t have to worry about Sarah finding candy to sneak.  The boys got to keep a tiny bit that they promised to hide – they better!  But at least the bulk of the candy is gone and that makes me happy.    Super happy for us and for Sarah and trying to keep her healthy.

On the weekend, we got to enjoy a different kind of sweetness…. a precious new baby courtesy of my younger brother and his wife.



We all enjoyed holding her and getting our ‘baby fix’.    I think sometimes people worry about me around babies, but the truth is that I don’t want other people’s baby’s, I want my own baby back!!   And I can hardly begrudge anyone a healthy baby, when I had four healthy babies before Ava.  So I just enjoy getting snuggles and then I enjoy giving baby’s back to their parents when they start to cry.  🙂

And speaking of our baby, Ava would have been 11 months today.   It’s hard to believe, and it’s kinda strange actually.  And I’m not sure how this is supposed to work, if she is forever going to stay a baby in my mind, or if I’m supposed to ‘allow’ her to grow up.  But whatever it is,  we miss her and wish that she was going to be with us to celebrate her birthday next month.

When I was in Toronto a few weeks ago they gave me Ava’s final bravery bead… a bereavement bead, a  little butterfly.


I probably mentioned bravery beads way back, but at Sick Kids a child can collect ‘Bravery Beads‘ where they get a bead for every blood draw or test or poke or clinic visit.  It’s a neat program and although Ava never understood her beads, I did and it’s just such a testimony to what she went through in her short life.


And I didn’t even do one for one on the beads… I would do one blood work bead for every 10 she got, but still, the meaning is quite clear.  Our strand was quite humble compared to other warriors at the hospital, but I know that I will treasure them forever.  And now the strand is complete and to be honest, for all their colour and cheerfulness, there is quite a bit of pain in that string.  And I praise God that Ava is free of all that pain and knows no more pokes or tests in her heavenly home.

Revelation 21:4  He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

Praise God, what a hope we have.


They pressed on…

The kids pressed on tonight, through the drizzle and through the rain – and might I add that it really should NOT be allowed to rain on Halloween – and had a great time seeing their friends and collecting candy in spite of it all.   When the rain came at 6:00 pm ( just when the kids were starting their trick-or-treating) Erik was pretty sure that Halloween was  ruined, and looking at what they brought back I kinda wish it had been.

Here they all are raring to go…

We are such a close-knit friendly community here that I always look forward to seeing all of the neighborhood kid’s dressed up, and they didn’t disappoint this year.   I think the bride and her kitty cat deserves special mention….

As well as these little sweeties (doesn’t hurt that they are related!)

And we can’t forget to mention anything StarWars, it seems our friends are on the same wave-length and I love the cute little alien thrown in!

And we can’t forgot the scary pirate –  William’s friend who is 6 years old like him had the face right down pat…

And here’s our little friend who is the same age as Sophia and lives right around the corner… she looked very delicious…

She actually made my night because I had dressed up as Little Bo Peep for fun and she at just 2 1/2 told me that I looked like Princess Peach!  Smart little girly!

So the kids were pretty pumped when they got back and dumped their candy before you could say “Angry bird’s jack-o-   lantern”…

Sophia was happy to sit and munch…

Erik with his loot…

With all that candy – Jason and I felt compelled to help them eat some of it (mostly the chocolate) as we only had the kid’s health in mind, they couldn’t possibly be asked to eat all that junk.   Actually it’s just the right amount of candy (well honestly any candy is too much candy, but this is once a year my friends) which is the benefit of living on a dead-end street with a cul-de-sac attached, it  doesn’t take too long and the kids don’t end up with too much.    Just enough to keep our sugar levels high and constant for about a week until it’s all gone and the whole experience will just be a another happy memory in spite of the rain!