So Ava has…

Ava’s nasal swab came back and she has influenza.   Influenza, at the end of April, so annoying!    But it makes sense, because Sarah had classic influenza symptoms last week with her three days of fever and runny nose and cough.     So one week it plays havoc with Sarah’s sugars and the next week lands Ava in hospital.  I am not a friend of influenza.

They are starting Ava on Tamiflu tonight – the anti-viral medication – and the dr said today that they won’t be sending us home tomorrow so it looks like we will be here until Friday –  hopefully not longer.

It does mean that we will have to reschedule Ava’s GI appointment that she had at Sick Kids this Friday.  It was her first appointment to start the process on hopefully getting Ava a Gastrostomy tube (G-tube) to replace her current nasal gastic feeding tube.    But I guess it will have to wait.

We will also have to see if we can keep Ava’s new catheterization date of May 13 , I will keep you posted.

So please keep praying for our sick little Birdy and our family as we are split up for a few days.   Thankfully by God’s grace we’ll get through this little bump in the road just fine and we are just really happy to know what Ava has so can deal with it and keep moving on.