Best Mother’s Day Ever

Well first off…  Ava is doing good.  They still have her on continuous feeds (so she is being fed a small amount continually) and she is getting lots of diuretics and that has definitely helped her heart rate and breathing.   They didn’t really change anything for her today and we should have more information on what the plan is for her tomorrow when all the staff are back and they can have a group huddle about her.

So today is Mother’s Day.  And I wanted to say that I have been so blessed with my wonderful mother and a wonderful mother-in-law… praise God for putting these women in my life.   They have taught me so much over the years and have been there for us every step of the way on this Ava journey and I am so blessed.

But this afternoon I was alone with Ava in our room and I was feeling kinda blue and missing my family, and sad that we couldn’t be together for Mother’s Day.  I thought Jason was taking the kids to church and I tried phoning him afterwards and he wasn’t answering and was sad that I couldn’t even Skype the kids.

I had just resigned myself to a quiet lonely day, when in walked Jason and the kids!!!   Amazing!   My incredible husband drove down to Toronto with the kids just so we could be together today.  And how blessed am I to have such a great guy in my life that has no problem getting four kids ready, and spending 2 1/2 hours with them in a vehicle – well probably more like 6 in total – and being organized enough with Sarah’s diabetes, so we could be together.

We had a great afternoon together and enjoyed some Mother’s Day activities here in the hospital and now I can start the week energized and not down and depressed.

So thank you to my mother’s and my husband, and to great Dr’s and nurses here at Sick Kids.  We have so much to be grateful for today and that makes today,  the Best Mother’s Day Ever.

Happy Birthday Hon!

I’m interrupting my long bleak spell of no blog postings to say a big Happy Birthday to my husband of almost 14 years.  He’s such a great guy, a wonderful husband and a fantastic father and sometimes we just feel like the luckiest family in the world.    Here he is tonight with the kids….

Who all just adore their biggest play-mate with his teddy-bear heart.

A wise person once said that in a marriage there is probably going to be about 80% of things that you love about your spouse and about 20% of things that you could do without – but the trick is to enjoy the 80% and figure out how to make the most of the 20%.

Thankfully in my case with Jay the 20% is not all that rough going and the 80% keeps me coming back for more. 🙂   I’m one lucky girl.

Happy Birthday Jason!!!

Don’t be surprised…

I’m very happy to announce that Sophia is over her bout with croup.    Croup is NOT fun… the complete opposite of fun.  If fun were being at the beach on a hot summer day than croup would be like being at the beach on a snowy winter day…. in your bathing suit, holding your pail and shovel.    Yes, that bad.    Now  I wonder why Soph gets croup when my other kids never did?   Whatever the reason,  if you have a kid with croup and you spend every night steaming her in the bathroom, don’t be surprised if your bathroom paint starts to peel from all the humidity.   And that’s even if you wiped down every square inch of your bathroom with a towel for 5 consecutive days straight, in the middle of the night to boot.    I think the silver lining here would be that I can look at it and enjoy the fact that my bathroom has never been so clean.

So my sleep was disturbed for numerous nights and then I seem to be getting a cold, so I was pretty tired last night at 10:00 pm when I sent Jason to the grocery store with broad instructions to get some things for the kids lunches because the cupboards were bare.    Now, if you send Jason to the grocery store for granola bars and cookies, don’t be surprised when he comes home with a smore’s version of a granola bar,  Fudgeo’s for the cookie and Reece Puff’s breakfast cereal to boot.     All healthy good stuff that I was happy to feed my kids today.  I feel weird admitting here to the world that I fed my kid’s the equivilant of chocolate frosted sugar-bombs for breakfast this morning, but don’t worry they ate a banana with it so I think according to the box that was a complete breakfast.   Jason has a heart of gold and is a wonderful father and husband, but when it comes to making healthy choices at the grocery store, well, I’ll leave you to your own conclusions.

Now, if you decide to put your husband’s grocery shopping escapade in your blog and then decide that you probably should tell him that you did so, don’t be surprised if he tells you that he’s never going to go grocery shopping for you again. 🙂