Some news…

It’s so crazy that we are into the 3rd weekend of June already!   And it’s been a busy month so far because school stuff is wrapping up and there are parties and field trips and thank-you cards and gifts to get ready.  We have a Mom’s in Prayer Group at our school and we put a Strawberry Social on for the teachers a few weeks ago which was really well received.

Our family also spent a rainy weekend at the cottage and spent the entire time in warm clothes and drank hot chocolate and played games.   It was sunny for the drive home though of course.

I caught a few pics of the girls that weekend…

And one of Erik.  And that is pretty much the extent of pictures taken in June.  And that means I haven’t taken any of William this month other than ones where his back is to me.   Nice going mom!

Partly to blame for the no pictures is the fact that I charged the battery for my camera after this trip to the cottage, but then lost the battery after I unplugged the charger and laid it on the counter in the laundry room where it then got knocked off.  I looked everywhere in that laundry room for the battery and prayed to find it,  but only did after I was prompted to look in the garbage can.  And voila!  There is was and is now restored and I hope that doesn’t ever happen again.

And party to blame is the fact that I’m tired.  Because I’m pregnant.   Again.  With number 5.  I’m going to have 5 children.  This has not sunk in.

I’m almost 14 weeks and I think I felt the baby kick the other day and I’ve heard the heartbeat so I do it’s all real and that there is actually a baby in there.  But it still doesn’t seem real.

Probably because in our minds we were done,  I had given away all my baby clothes and was in process of giving away the rest of the baby things.   I told everyone we were done,  but God obviously had different plans for us and so I know it’s meant to be.

I’ve always believed that there is nothing as exciting or magical in life as having a baby and so as  soon as I hold that baby and I fall completely and utterly in love,  I know it  will all make sense.

Even though that doesn’t help right now with the crankiness and then tiredness, but I only have 26 more weeks to go and that’s going to fly by (hahahahahah)

So that’s our news.   Hopefully news like that is as exciting as it gets for a long long time!

June, the busiest month of the year

Seriously, it is just me?   Probably, but I’m finding June so busy!   Between field trips and swimming in the pool, to gardening here and vegetable gardening with my uncle, to swimming lessons and soccer and going to the Lake for weekends, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going!

I did take some time a few Sunday’s ago to try to get some pictures of the kids, but I’m no professional and afterwards I realized the lighting was very splotchy, but here is what I ended up with…

So again, nothing professional, but I’m still pleased with them.    I am excited that a friend has offered to come and show me some more features of my camera,   I’m still using the auto feature on my camera and it’s a little embarrassing.

Well back to the grind here… thankfully it’s all work I enjoy (except making supper of course) and soon I get to add picking strawberries and making jam to the list, but I know that a mother’s work is never done and I’m not complaining because even if June is a busy month it’s still June and it’s summer and I love it!