A Due Date and a Pumpkin Latte

We have a due date!    I will be induced December 4 in Toronto at Mt. Sinai and I’m really hoping that will actually be the day because it was my grandma’s birthday.  It’s always kinda neat to have a little tie-in like that.  And when I got off the phone with our coordinator at Mt. Sinai last week after she gave me this date, I was initially very excited,  like I would have been if I had been given due dates for my other pregnancies (hate that going over-due stuff) but then it hit me…  December 4th is when reality is going to be faced, for better or for worse.  It’s rather daunting.

But the day our little girl will be born will also be the day I’ll finally get to  meet our little ‘Birdy’ and for that I am very very excited.    I feel I know her so much better than our other baby’s before they were born, big surprise right?  And she even has a name which the other kids can’t boast of.  They were lucky to be named in the delivery room.  I’m not quite ready to share her name with the whole world yet, there has to be SOME surprise to her birth, but for now we are calling her Birdy and I just feel it’s very fitting – especially considering how active she is.   Although last night after reading Sophia a book about a little penguin,  she was pretty sure we should start calling the baby “little penguin” and that’s what she called her all day today.   Oh well, sigh….

And again,  worry tends to creep its way in when I think about what things will look like when I’m away from my family. So whenever those thoughts and anxiety come, I’m just constantly giving it over to God… which sometimes I have to do 20 times a day, but I’m learning and God is being very gracious to me through all this.

A few posts back I posted a story about God’s faithfulness in the lives of a family who have a daughter with Turners and lost another daughter to a genetic syndrome, it was quite the story.  Well I emailed Sara, who is the mom and she replied and gave me this verse which she has posted up and I just love it.  It’s perfect for where we are at.

The Lord is the One who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. Deuteronomy 31:8

It just makes me weep (with joy) knowing that God is going ahead and preparing the way for us.  I’m sure our path won’t  be smooth, but He will know what we will be facing with every step of the way, even when we don’t.   How amazing and wonderful.

OK – so yes,  that an update on my other life.  Back to my ordinary life…  Jason brought these sweatshirts home from work the kids last week.

They were thrilled and we of course like to do our marketing bit for the company Jason works for… especially as he has a great job and a great boss.

And in my opinion the kids look so cute all dressed the same, I’m trying to figure out how I can do it more often.  So far nothing is coming to mind.   Cute even with the eye roll…

And then one night last week I got together with a bunch of my friends (who are also all my neighbours – how lucky can a girl get?) for an evening to hang out and enjoy each other’s company while eating yummy things.  My good friend Angie down the street made this… a delicious pumpkin latte..

Which provided me all the caffeine I needed and more to enjoy myself until 1:00 am…  way past my bedtime.    But even though I kinda paid for it by feeling rather tired for the next few days, it was worth it.   We laughed and we cried and after 5 hours of non-stop talking we decided we really should get together more often.    It’s so wonderful to have great friends that only live a few door down from you,  we are definitely blessed to live where we do.

So now this week is almost coming to a close and that means one more week closer to my due-date,  still five weeks and a bit.  And I go visit my OB in London tomorrow to see how little Birdy is doing and if she is growing… I’ll keep you posted!

City of Lights

The other day (a great way to start a post) I was thinking that it would be fun to pile the kids into the ‘Burban’  – as Soph calls our Suburban –  and drive around and look at some Christmas lights in the city.  And then lo and behold, our neighbours from down the street handed us an invite for that very thing!   Except they had chartered a city bus – because the city buses just so happen to do a Christmas lights tour –  and they had invited all the bus-stop friends and some school friends to come along!   How awesome is that?     So last night saw me feeding the kids early and heading down to our neighbours where we had some treats and hot chocolate and chatted with friends while we were waiting for the buses.  Except Jason wasn’t there.   He was trying to finish up and clean-up a job so a client could use her kitchen for the weekend.   I was bummed but couldn’t argue with that (poor woman) but still sad that he couldn’t come and that I would be stuck watching 4 kids on a crowded bus all by myself.

As it turned out though, there were so many friends there that it didn’t matter about the kids.  William went to sit with his friends and Erik found an old friend and so it wasn’t that big of a deal, and then  just as we were pulling away Jason said that he was on his way home.  Well as it turned out we had the nicest bus driver in the world as she said she would be willing to pick Jason up if he could meet us.   So as we were circling our beautifully decorated down-town park,  we saw Jason, he parked, we circled again and picked up him!    It was a Christmas miracle.    The kids were very happy to see their daddy and I was glad to see him too and pass a sleepy Sophia over to her daddy.

Wow, there are so amazing light displays in our city.  And some whole streets that compete with each other and are just beautiful and amazing.   We decided that our street needs to ramp up our Christmas spirit and our hydro bills next year and turn some lights on!   And perhaps get on the tour ourselves, which would see numerous city buses each night driving by our houses… hmmm.. .we might have to rethink that one.

I of course wish I had pictures to share, but silly me didn’t bring my camera… well technically I guess I was silly to not have had a charged battery in my camera – if I had I would have brought it.  Oh well.   You’ll just have to imagine lots of brightly lit houses with all sorts of decorations – my favourite was a snowman made out 3 different size tires painted white.  I am totally going to get Jason to make us one of those for next year!

So another wonderful Christmas night.      And it’s been a good week.  I went with Will’s class to our Local Pioneer village for his  field trip on Monday which I LOVED.  (I would like to volunteer there some day.)   It was so nice and Christmasy (even though it poured rain) and as I love historical things it was really cool to see how people used to live.  Belive me, after seeing the tiny cabin that the settlers to Canada first lived in, it makes you extremely grateful for what we have and how we are able to live now.  God has been incredibly merciful towards us and I’m so blessed to spend this Christmas with indoor plumbing and central heating!  Not to mention electricity.

As well this week this week the neighbourhood mom’s came here for our annual Christmas tea.  The 20 kids that were here ran around like hooligans over the house, while us moms sat around and ate delicious food and drank tea through the noise.     A wonderful time.

So now I find myself on  Saturday, with a clean house and nothing pressing to do at the moment.   I have enough baking – I can’t wrap presents with kids awake and so I get to enjoy myself for a bit and think about Christmas memories we’ve made already and Christmas yet to come!


Update –   A picture!  My neighbour sent this to me, she got this pic of Erik and her twins at a stop where the bus driver kindly let us off to stretch our legs… aren’t the lights amazing?