Staying in the present…

The present.  The present is actually a very nice place,  with a baby still snug and safe inside me, some beautiful sunny September days and family and friends to enjoy it all with.

Here is where I am trying to stay.

The future is rather scary and it actually makes me very upset when I think about it.   And really, it makes sense because God’s grace and peace aren’t in the future yet…   they are right here, right now guarding my heart and my mind.   And so here is where I will stay!  (Or at least try my best)

The warm weather that we had last week brought about another bloom on my hibiscus, such a nice September gift.   I love flowers…

The kids were still enjoying the pool last week, un-deterred by the cool water. (Jason and I actually went for a crazy quick dip last night even though it was only 72 degrees…. brrrrr…)

And we also had another butterfly hatch…

Now I’ll also be honest and confess that the present is also full of kids complaining they have to go to school and we’re already back into scrambling to get out the door in the morning so we don’t miss the bus – even though I was sure this year would be different.

It’s also got a house that needs to be de-cluttered and laundry that never seems to be caught up and an endless to-do list.

But these things are just a part of life and I like this life… and I kinda wish I could stay in this present forever!

The month of May

May… I love so many things about May.   May is the month where we open our pool.  And  even if it aways starts out looking like a not-so-attractive pond,  it only takes a few days to look way better.

May also has 5 family birthday’s in it, including 2 people that live here so that means lots of cake.    And May also contains Mother’s Day!  Yahoo for Mother’s day!   I have a wonderful Mother who has always loved me unconditionally, has supported me through everything and been an amazing example of what a godly mother should be.  And so it’s never a chore celebrating her.

And now that I’m a mother,  I love how on Mother’s Day the kids make an effort to tell you how they feel.   I love getting their cards and Erik made me another Wordel this year…

Oh it makes me smile, to think that this is how I appear in my 8 year old’s eyes… it actually makes me humble and gives me the desire to actually live up to these things that he sees!

But what made me smile the most Mother’s Day morning was the gift that I received from Jason and the kids.  My very own….

Makita cordless vacuum!!!!

And before you other moms groan and roll your eyes because I received a ‘tool’ for Mother’s Day, let me assure you that I’ve been asking for one of these for years and I love it!   And I think that it’s especially cool that my sweetie-pie went out and got me a Makita which is the brand that he uses for all his tools.   He buys quality tools for himself and he extended that honour to me and I think it’s so cool that our tools match.

And now I can quickly vacuum up little messes in the house and car and what housewife wouldn’t be thrilled with that?  Well maybe it’s a large quantity of kids making messes thing, because I can assure you that for this mom of 4 it will be a life-saver.

Oh – and other great thing about May is that it has a long weekend in it and that’s this coming weekend.   There are just so many things to love about May!

What do you do?

What do you do when you bake a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that are just too moist and just fall apart when you try to pick them up.  Do you try to put them carefully away?  Or do you just stand there and eat them because it would be too hard to move them in one peice to a different container?   (Well I didn’t eat ALL of them,  maybe just 6)

And what do you do when your daddy puts your pj’s on and puts your onesie OVER your pj bottoms?  Do you care?  Or you do just look cute and somewhat like you are getting ready to do some aerobics and the year is 1989?  (And doesn’t the gorgeous couch just set the whole thing off?)

And what do you do if you just finished swimming for an hour and wanted to warm up in the sunshine?  Do you find a place to sit by yourself?  Or do you go and sit with your siblings and goof off and have a riot because you still apparently have some energy left.

I dunno, you tell me.

Crazy Cannucks

It’s been said that to go swimming in Lake Huron on the Victoria Day weekend is a one-in-a-million chance – at least this  is what our little 9-year-old neighbour girl told me this weekend at the cottage.     She didn’t bring her bathing suit because she obviously felt the odds were not in her favour, I didn’t bring my bathing suit because I knew the odds would not be in my favour, in fact I bet that most people in cottage country along Lake Huron did not bring their bathing suits. 

This is probably due to the fact that cold and rainy has been the only thing on the menu this month. 

But my boys, well they did bring their bathing suits this weekend with full intentions on beating those odds and they did.  They went swimming in water that couldn’t have been much more than 60 degrees.     That’s just my  educated guess from when I stuck my big toe in.  It really felt as though if it were a few degrees cooler the lake would probably be solid, as in ice.  My little crazy Canucks.   And I would have loved to shown you a picture, but their mother is equally as crazy and deleted all her pictures off her camera before I copied them to my computer because I thought they were duplicate.  They were not duplicate.

Erik and Will were just as crazy though when they went swimming in our pool tonight and I know that it was cold,  67 degrees… very very cold.  I felt the need to bundle up just watching them.

What’s the problem? It’s just cold water.

Taking it to another level and actually jumping into it for fun.

Well I guess there’s no point in being young if you can’t be crazy once in a while.  I love these crazy little Canucks of mine!