Happy Birthday Sophia!

Yesterday Sophia turned 3.  She could hardly wait, in fact the night before her birthday she was saying as I was tucking her in, “But I want to be 3 right now!”.     And all I wanted to say to her was, “I just want you to stay the way you are now forever!”

But that’s just because we love so many things about this little girl.  How she likes to be pretty, how she loves to cuddle and how she adores William,  how she misses Sarah when she’s not around and how she bosses around Erik even though he’s 6 years older than her.   We like how she pronounces ‘Suburban’, ‘ba-burvan’.  We love how she wants her ‘guy-guy’ when she’s tired or upset and how much she loves people and is always ready to give us hugs and how if she even has a 5 minute nap she won’t be ready to fall asleep at night until 10:00 pm.   Adorable.

So no wonder we enjoyed celebrating her birthday and letting her be the special little girl for the day.  And she loved it all.   She loved all her gifts and spending time with grandma and getting to pick out her most gorgeous Hello Kitty build-a-bear.   Who knew heads on a stuffed animal could be so big…

Good grief, its head is bigger than Sophia’s!  But she loves it and that’s the main thing.

And we loved eating pizza and cake with her and singing Happy birthday and having a great evening with Jay’s family and just spending time with her and with everyone.

We’ve been blessed by her  for these 3 yeas and in all honesty, I am looking forward to loving her as she grows up.

We love you Sophia, Happy Birthday!

Some moms are smart, this one this not

The other day I was sewing and I was having a hard time figuring out how to sew a seam inside out and backwards and I said under my breath, “I’m not smart”.  Well this was overheard by Sarah who was hanging out by me and since she was rather bored she decided to turn it into song.  For  quite a while afterwards she was singing the above refrain, “Some moms are smart, this one is not”.  It kept making me grin,  and she probably couldn’t have been more right if she tried… but I’m fine with that.  I might not be smart, but I’m sure I’m good at other things, I’m sure of it.

And since I’m not smart, I’m so happy to learn from other’s who are.   Our church had the privilege of having Donna Otto from the Homemakers by Choice ministry  come to speak to our women this past weekend.  It was wonderfully encouraging!

Just one the things I took away from the weekend was when she talked about people often feel disconnected from each other, but most long to be connected.  Church is a great connector of people, but even in that there can be room for improvement, and that is why she advocates for mentors.   Older women who come along side a younger woman and mentor them.  Just like in Titus chapter 2 where Paul instructs in verse 3-5 that older women are to teach what is good and “so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands so that the word of God may not be reviled.”  There is a lot in there and I won’t even attempt at “unpacking” it as our Pastor Norm says, but just imagine,  to have someone with life experience raising kids and being in a successful happy marriage,  mentoring you to help you along and encourage you, what a tremendous blessing!!!

And I need help.  I need help raising my children to be competent independence adults.  I was talking with my neighbor the other day about how we like and rather expect our friends to parent our children when we aren’t around and I got to thinking about that and how important other people’s input into my children’s lives are.

Our first instinct might be to protect our children from others, but I think that could end up back-firing and being rather dangerous.    Our children are going to be independent adults someday, away from us protecting them,  and they need to know how to deal with all sorts of people;  nice people, not so nice people, strict people, fun people.   Not everyone is going to treat them like we do and nor should they!   My mom treats my kids differently than I do and that’s GOOD.  And the teacher’s at school treat my kids differently than I do and that’s GOOD.   Sunday schools, same. Friends the same.   It’s not always easy, but I want my kids to learn how to respond correctly to people, to be respectful of authority and so they need lots of practice.

Wow, that was quite the bunny trail…   but I will leave you with a picture of my Sophia, (of course) that my good friend Laura took on the soccer field last night.

Looking at her makes me realize afresh that I don’t want to mess this parenting thing up, I need all the help I can get!!   And I do thank God for the wonderful friends and mentors in my life but now I’m pretty sure I need more!