Staying in the present…

The present.  The present is actually a very nice place,  with a baby still snug and safe inside me, some beautiful sunny September days and family and friends to enjoy it all with.

Here is where I am trying to stay.

The future is rather scary and it actually makes me very upset when I think about it.   And really, it makes sense because God’s grace and peace aren’t in the future yet…   they are right here, right now guarding my heart and my mind.   And so here is where I will stay!  (Or at least try my best)

The warm weather that we had last week brought about another bloom on my hibiscus, such a nice September gift.   I love flowers…

The kids were still enjoying the pool last week, un-deterred by the cool water. (Jason and I actually went for a crazy quick dip last night even though it was only 72 degrees…. brrrrr…)

And we also had another butterfly hatch…

Now I’ll also be honest and confess that the present is also full of kids complaining they have to go to school and we’re already back into scrambling to get out the door in the morning so we don’t miss the bus – even though I was sure this year would be different.

It’s also got a house that needs to be de-cluttered and laundry that never seems to be caught up and an endless to-do list.

But these things are just a part of life and I like this life… and I kinda wish I could stay in this present forever!

May Notes

Wow, another post from me and it hasn’t been a month since the last one!      I know I’ve been treating this blogging business very shabbily, but things are looking up because blog ideas are slowly working their way into my head again and I’m feeling the urge to let them out.   And I enjoy blogging when I have time to do it, but these days time seems elusive, and extra time, well that’s almost non-existent.

But thankfully there was time last weekend to go to the cottage for the Victoria Day long weekend.  I love the first visit of the season where we catch up with all our friends we haven’t seen all year and we get re-acquainted with the cottage and the beach.    This year the upper cottage is getting a major kitchen renovation so Jason and his dad were busy with that all weekend,  so it meant that the kids and I had to suffer on the beach without him, enjoying some amazing May beach weather while daddy slugged it out in the cottage.      And even though I’m sure he would have loved to have spent more time with us, he’s never been a guy who can say no to a project, so one more project on the go, here we come!

Here are the few pictures I took – I have a very real fear of getting sand in my camera so that hopefully explains the lack of beach shots.

It was so nice of Grandma to come up and suffer with us with our lack of running water on Monday, but we took the kids to the market which they just love because they just can’t resist the allure of junk.  Here is the new and improved Sophia…

Complete with new shades, bracelet and ring.     Definitely things on the must-have list for 3 year olds this season.

And then before we knew it we were home again.  But the nice weather has made our pool nice and warm much earlier this year then normal and so we’ve been swimming after school everyday which has been a huge bonus.

And we’re not the only ones who are enjoying our pool this year.  We seem to be co-habitating with wild-life as a pair of ducks have moved in.  And not only  have made themselves at home, but decided that my flower bed would make a great nesting place… ACK!

You only see the daddy duck here, because mama duck is sitting on her eggs.    Silly ducks.  You can’t raise ducklings in a pool!   I read today that baby ducks can drown in a pool because they can’t get out, so I’m a little concerned for the future, but I guess we’ll see how nature plays this one out.     Mama duck  is pretty good about staying put when we are in the pool, she was sitting on her eggs all day today,  and just leaves in the evening to go eat and hang out at the local stream, which is where she SHOULD have built her nest.    But hopefully when the ducklings are hatched that is where she will move them.  And if she doesn’t I imagine that we might have to intervene and help them all there.   This should all  be interesting, I’ll keep you posted.

And talking about babies,  I fell kinda hard for this one this week…

My newest niece about 5 weeks old.  So cute, so snuggly and of all my nieces and nephews so far reminded me the most of  my babies,  and it just felt so nice holding that sweet little bundle.

So I think we are caught up so far for May.  Sophia’s birthday in on Tuesday, so there will definitely be a birthday post coming your way soon!

This is how I like it…

OK, so I want to update my blog and there are hundreds of things I can think to do a blog entry on, but since I can’t decide, I’ll just do the routine ‘what we’ve been up to’ post.

So, the boys were at day camp last week.  Erik went to Engineering camp and William went to sport’s camp thanks to Grandma and Grandpa.  They were at our local university and William played and played and Erik worked and worked and both were supremely happy.   Here’s Erik with his camp leader.  She just finished her first year of Engineering and she said her mother always knew that she would be an engineer too.   And she, like myself,  also thinks that Erik is smarter than her.

It was nice that I just had the girls all week, but having to make the boys lunches and be out the door at 8:30 felt a whole lot like having the kids back at school, with the added joy of driving through the University everyday where there is excessive road-work being done and drivers who just can’t seem to navigate it all. (I was probably one of them.) I have never been closer to yelling at drivers than I was that week, especially at the driver who just stopped in the middle of the road in front of me to ask a pedestrian directions, or the people who thought that since there was construction it was OK to pull into an intersection where they would be stuck when the light turned red, so to block my lane when my light turned green. Good heavens people, stay off the road if you can’t drive. 🙂  There, out of my system.

And then Saturday morning just for fun we packed the kids up for a 4(plus) hour trip up North to the Muskoka’s to drop our water-ski boat off for some friends who are spending a week up there.    Our kids do road trips well thanks to the many hours spent in the vehicle going to the cottage or to Oma and Opa’s and the kids were excited that they were finally allowed to watch TV in the  Suburban (or the boo-boo as Sophia calls it) as their mean ole’ parents won’t let them watch TV on any trip less than 2 hours.  I know I know, we just can’t get with the times.

So even though we spent the day with our friends at the cottage they had rented, we spent the night in this cute little trailer at a Christian conference centre nearby.  The kids LOVED the tiny little trailer, it was all cute and miniature and they loved the nooks and cranny’s and little cupboards. They were sorry to leave it Sunday morning. I was not.  I have no idea how on earth to keep 4 active children quiet in a trailer park that seems to be inhabited mostly by grandparent type people who probably like things quiet.   I’m sure a big sigh of relief was heard after our departure.

But Saturday was a day to be remembered. Here are the kids and our wonderful friend Laura swimming in Mary Lake…

And Jason explaining the workings of the boat to Laura’s dad…

And I have to say that this mother-of-four got back up on a slalom ski the first try that day and loved every minute of being up on a ski and behind the boat again.   Even though Jason and I water-skied a ton before kids, I haven’t had much opportunity to try again these past 8 years as I’ve been pretty busy with babies, but  now with babyhood almost behind us, I’m looking forward to a  future with plenty of water-skiing fun for  the whole family.

So we came back again Sunday and again the kids did great although it’s really not as much fun coming home.  And now this week we are just relaxing and doing alot of swimming…  just how I like it.  Here’s a pic of Sophia paddling around the pool earlier this evening …

And I’ll leave you with a clip Jason took last week of the kids swimming underwater,  my little fishes!   P.S. The clicking sound underwater is our creepy crawly – the continual vacuum that keeps our pool clean.

What do you do?

What do you do when you bake a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that are just too moist and just fall apart when you try to pick them up.  Do you try to put them carefully away?  Or do you just stand there and eat them because it would be too hard to move them in one peice to a different container?   (Well I didn’t eat ALL of them,  maybe just 6)

And what do you do when your daddy puts your pj’s on and puts your onesie OVER your pj bottoms?  Do you care?  Or you do just look cute and somewhat like you are getting ready to do some aerobics and the year is 1989?  (And doesn’t the gorgeous couch just set the whole thing off?)

And what do you do if you just finished swimming for an hour and wanted to warm up in the sunshine?  Do you find a place to sit by yourself?  Or do you go and sit with your siblings and goof off and have a riot because you still apparently have some energy left.

I dunno, you tell me.

Crazy Cannucks

It’s been said that to go swimming in Lake Huron on the Victoria Day weekend is a one-in-a-million chance – at least this  is what our little 9-year-old neighbour girl told me this weekend at the cottage.     She didn’t bring her bathing suit because she obviously felt the odds were not in her favour, I didn’t bring my bathing suit because I knew the odds would not be in my favour, in fact I bet that most people in cottage country along Lake Huron did not bring their bathing suits. 

This is probably due to the fact that cold and rainy has been the only thing on the menu this month. 

But my boys, well they did bring their bathing suits this weekend with full intentions on beating those odds and they did.  They went swimming in water that couldn’t have been much more than 60 degrees.     That’s just my  educated guess from when I stuck my big toe in.  It really felt as though if it were a few degrees cooler the lake would probably be solid, as in ice.  My little crazy Canucks.   And I would have loved to shown you a picture, but their mother is equally as crazy and deleted all her pictures off her camera before I copied them to my computer because I thought they were duplicate.  They were not duplicate.

Erik and Will were just as crazy though when they went swimming in our pool tonight and I know that it was cold,  67 degrees… very very cold.  I felt the need to bundle up just watching them.

What’s the problem? It’s just cold water.

Taking it to another level and actually jumping into it for fun.

Well I guess there’s no point in being young if you can’t be crazy once in a while.  I love these crazy little Canucks of mine!