So thankful

Well I’m sitting here thankful for quite a few things.  First off, for all the support and love that people have sent our way through emails and comments on our blogs the last couple of days… you guys are making me weep (in good ways) – and reminding us over and over that God has not forgotten about us, He’s still laying Ava and our family on your hearts – and even your little one’s hearts –  and so even today when I don’t seem to have much hope in hearing good news tomorrow, we know that God still cares and is being so faithful.

And the verses that you guys are sending!!!  Love them!   Here is one that a friend sent… with her note

Romans 15: 13 May the God who gives hope fill you with great joy.
                               May you have perfect peace as you trust in him.
May the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with hope.
(this is from the NIV bible for young readers…so simple isn’t it?)

It is simple, so simple, but exactly right and just what we need right now,  joy, perfect peace and hope…. all free gifts of God to those who believe in Him and call on His name.  We are so blessed by God even in this crazy situation.

So yes, the situation.   Ava’s echo tomorrow is going to be a sedated echo, so she will be NPO (nothing passes orally) starting from 4:00 am to get her ready for sedation for 9:00.  It is going to be a very thorough echo, they are going to leave no blood vessel unscanned as they seek to discern whether or not Ava’s heart function has improved at all.

As the doctor on rounds said today, if her heart function looks better, we will redo the cath.  If it’s not better, or if it is worse then….  He just stopped talking.  He didn’t need to continue, we both knew what he meant.  It means we need to think about transplant.

But that is still tomorrow’s worries, so I won’t borrow trouble.

I am thankful that my mom could come down and spend a night with me and spend time with Ava.   I’m grateful that the Ronald MacDonald House got us an apartment and that my mom could help me move in and that Jason and the kids will join me shortly.   And I’m grateful that we have such good care at Sick Kids and that Ava’s cardiologists, both in London and Toronto are very caring and compassionate.

And I’m thankful that Ava is doing so well and had a good day and that even though we are in room with sick children we still can laugh and joke with the other moms and nurses and have good days.

And I’m grateful that Jason is doing an amazing job at home with the kids and that friends and family are helping so he doesn’t have to do it all on his own.

But please please, keep praying!  Your prayers are strengthening our faith and God’s power is evident, and whatever comes tomorrow, we know that God will see us through.


Please come

Next Sunday – May 5th –  Lord willing – we are dedicating Ava at church and you are all invited!  I mean it!  Even if you don’t normally attend church, if you have been following our story,  you live in our area and are free next Sunday, we want you there to see Ava and share this time with us as we dedicate this little Birdy….


When we dedicate a baby at our church it means that we are publicly acknowledging that our child is a gift from God, and we ask for help in our endeavour to raise that child according to God’s word – the Bible.    And because we have so much to be thankful for regarding Ava, Jason and I have been given an opportunity to say a few words about our journey and I know I’m going to cry buckets, and I would mean so much if you could join us.

Please see this link – Harvest Bible Chapel – for service times and information – and you can always email me at for more information.  And you can definitely bring your kids as there are programs running for them during both services up to grade 5.  We will be sharing our story at both services on Sunday so you can choose either one.

We are so grateful to God for His goodness and since Ava doesn’t normally go to church because of risk of infection, it will be so nice to have everyone together.       If something unexpected comes up – like another hospitalization – we will have to change the date, but we will post any information regarding that here on our blog.

So don’t be shy, please please come, we want you there.

Alot to be thankful for…

This post could get really  long, because I’m really tired and have alot on my heart and my mind,  but I will try to condense it so it’s not rambling and crazy.

The point I want to make though, is that through this difficult journey, we have so much to be thankful for!  Every day it seems Jason and I keep coming back to how thankful we are, so I wanted to share some of those things.

We are thankful for… Incredible Nurses.    Every one we have met has been so supportive and wonderful and caring.   And so much so that we don’t feel guilty leaving Ava in their care and coming to the Ronald MacDonald House to eat and sleep and unwind.  And they take such good care of her!  And she can be alot of work, but I’ve never heard anyone complain.

The Ronald MacDonald House – it was just a name to me before… didn’t mean anything.  But even now as I’m here thinking about it, it makes me tear up.  It’s been incredible.  The place itself is beautiful, the rooms are spacious and lovely.  People come in and make dinners for everyone here about 3 times a week – different companies and organizations who donate the time and the food and it’s just wonderful.   There is laundry here, all free,  a massive beautiful kitchen, games rooms, an office room (which I’m in now) and much more.   And very best of all, our hosptial social worker yesterday realized how much we missed our kids and talked to the Ronald MacDonald House and so today we moved into a 2 bedroom suite here, complete with a full kitchen so that we can bring our kids down… all for 15 dollars a day.    This place makes life bearable, honestly, it’s just wonderful.

Our friends and church family and blog readers… what can I say.  The support and encouragement we receive daily means so much to us.  I know I don’t get a chance to email everyone back or respond to comments, but please keep them coming!    We are far away, but feel so close because people haven’t stopped letting us know that they care about us in all sorts of ways and we are so humbled and blessed, it’s over-whelming in a good way.

Our families…  from taking care of our children (that includes you Oma Rachel!) and making the long trip down to be with us and visit us, and supporting us through texts and meeting our physical needs…. we are so incredible blessed to be part of two wonderful families.

And God.  He is the giver of life,  He gave us our precious gift that is Ava and He alone is giving us the strength to get through each day.    Having our faith in God and being able to trust Him every step of the way has given us a peace I didn’t know one could have in this sort of circumstance.

Our Ava, she is such a little fighter!   What an incredible kid, and I have a feeling she is going to be very feisty so look out!

And as an update on her, she is looking great, almost all the swelling is gone today.  Although when the dr’s were there this afternoon it slipped out that she was actually very sick after her surgery and not in good shape at all.  I’m glad we were spared that information at the time.  But because of that, they had to put her on lots of meds and steroids even in the operating room and that is why it’s taken her so long to get rid of the extra fluid… whew… at least now she is stable.

Today she didn’t look comfortable and they had to up her morphine because of that, but we are really hoping that tomorrow is the day her chest gets closed, or at least they start to try to close her chest.  So please pray for that.  Once that happens, she can start to lose her other lines and tubes and the ventilator and maybe soon I’ll actually be able to hold my baby again… I just want to hold my baby.

But I’m just thankful that she is still with us and getting better, slowly but surely and that is definitely another thing to be thankful for!