Walking with the Wise

I wanted to let  you know about a great kid’s CD put out by Sovereign Grace Ministries.  It’s called Walking with the Wise and the songs are all based on Proverbs and they are so catchy!  I love listening to them – along with the kids of course – and nothing beats hearing your kids sing,  “To tell the truth is what I want to do, because you love the lips that speak the truth.  To tell a lie leads me away from you, so help me God, to tell the truth.”    Just one of the many great songs on the CD.  We also love “Lazy Bones” and “A Cheerful Heart”…. I would HIGHLY recommend this not only as great tunes, but also a great teaching tool for your kids!

You can download it directly from Sovereign Grace here, but be warned that although a bit cheaper, it does involve unpacking it and copying files so if you like things easier, you can also get it from iTunes.