Did you know….

That William had a birthday and turned 7 years old April 1st?

And that his mommy who loves him insanely is just posting about it today, April 12?

Well she is, and she’s embarrassed that she didn’t do a post in honour of her second son sooner.  Thankfully I don’t think he’s  affected by it at all.

We celebrated his birthday 3 times, once with friends, one with my family and then again with Jason’s family, so he had all the cake and presents and party a little boy could wish for.

He’s growing up so fast!  One upon a time I had a baby boy who looked like this…

and then I just happened to turn around and saw this…

He’s hard working, he’s a saver, he’s the most amazing big brother to Sophia.  He’s a thinker and a cuddler and a leader and has so many friends it’s a bit over-whelming at times.  But most of all he loves God and his family, and Jason and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

We love you William!

William & Ellie…

This sweet story started back when William was almost 1 years old and we were going on a road-trip.    The kids were already buckled in their car seats when on a whim I ran inside for a stuffed animal for each boy to accompany them on the trip.   As fate would have it I randomly grabbed a blue elephant for William and that was that, a beautiful friendship was born.

From then on William and his elephant (or ‘Ellie’) were inseparable…

and wherever William went Ellie went too.   She matches the colour of his eyes…

And if her one fault is that she tends to act like a big micro-fibre dust rag, well, it just meant I had to sneak her away from William every so often so she could have a bath.

He loves her so much and that has led to another problem… we’ve discovered it’s best if you never mention to William that Ellie won’t be going to heaven with him whenever God calls him home.   The poor guys gets very upset and refuses to be comforted.   But at this point I decided it’s best to leave that conundrum in God’s very capable hands.

But all this love has been hard on Ellie and even though William doesn’t suck his thumb anymore, Ellie is still very important to him.   So when William asked me a few week ago if I would fix Ellie’s tail which was in tatters…

I couldn’t put it off and promised I would fix it.

But how?

Well I thought and thought and went online searching for how to fix a stuffed animal, tried to convince William that Ellie needed a whole new tail, but he just wouldn’t hear of it.     So since I was stuck with fixing the old one, major surgery was the only way.

I washed Ellie,  opened her up, got the tail out, opened it all up and hand-sewed a patch on the end.   Then thankfully was able to sew it all up again with my sewing machine, re-stuffed Ellie, fixed a few more  things on her and voila,  she’s in one piece again!

And yes, I took a picture of Ellie’s butt just so I could show you her new tail.  Doesn’t she look chipper again?

William was very grateful to have Ellie restored in one piece – even though I didn’t re-stuff her poor legs… but that was going to be a little to time intensive and he didn’t seem to mind.

So now that I’ve finished that Ellie story,  I can move on to this one…

in short, the high-light of my day.   A snugly, yummy, little kissable Ellie (really Eliana).

She’s the daughter of my friend Melissa and she and her mom and her sister’s came for a visit today.    She is almost 2 months old and she’s already smiling and trying to communicate and is just oh-so-sweet.

Thanks Melissa for letting me snuggle your Ellie today!

Don’t get too excited…

So I’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas and it’s shoving blogging down in my priority list, but I thought I’d share a few odds and ends of what’s been happening.

We had a Christmas party here Saturday night and it was alot of fun.    We had a great time with lots of friends and as an added bonus our house is all spruced up and sparkly clean in time for Christmas.   Well it’s spruced up,  but with 4 kids, the clean part is already out the window.    We did get a few extra projects  done like new lights in the kitchen and pictures up on walls – projects that we never seem to have time for until we want to have our house look nice for others.  Isn’t that always the way?  Jason says we need to have a summer party now too as he was so pleased with our indoor results, I think he wants to try it on the outdoors.

And the kid’s school field trips seem to be multiplying rapidly.    I was able to skip a field trip today but I’m back on one tomorrow and then next week I have two!  And with school going right up until Christmas I can understand that the teachers like to keep the kids occupied and I enjoy going along, most times. 🙂

Last night we did Christmas with friends of ours and as she enjoys natural things, one of her gifts was a bar of natural soap that my uncle had made.     The kids all knew what it was and as she was tearing off the wrapping Erik said to her,  “Don’t get too excited” which made me laugh.   I think he was really afraid she would be disappointed, I mean, come on, it was soap!  I’m not sure there is an 8-year-old boy out there who would think that was a good gift.  In fact, Erik would probably happily live without soap if he could…  and without hair-cuts and getting his nails clipped as well.     They all assure me this will change one day.

And this week William has decided that he shouldn’t come home for lunch anymore.  He explained that when he does he gets too “attracted” to being at home and doesn’t want to go back to school.    I thought it was a very wise decision on his part.  Especially since last week he did come home and right before he had to go back he  got really really upset because he said he couldn’t draw a man in his underwear.   This stumped me for a while and as all of our efforts to calm him failed, I said I would go and talk to his teacher.   Poor William pulled himself together and at least wasn’t teary anymore when I talked to his teacher.  She  was a little astonished that he was upset because it was his idea!  They were drawing pictures of things you better not let Santa catch you doing and William thought that you better not let Santa catch you outside in your underwear?!!    But his teacher is a quick thinker and suggested Will draw a man in his clothes holding his underwear and voila… sunshine again.    Oh my 6 year old.

So those are my notes… Ok – I just put the kids candy in their advent calendar before I finished this (I can’t fill all the days at once because Sarah would eat all the candy) and I just realized there are only 12 more days until Christmas… now that’s worth getting excited about!

Most People…

Most people enjoy their good health.  Most people would prefer to stay healthy and NOT get sick.  Most people would prefer to stay healthy and not get sick so they can go about their normal routine.  Most people just empathize with other’s who are sick and do not try to have them make you sick as well.  Most people do not take their temperature every 5 minutes just hoping that it will confirm what they already believed to be true – that they really are sick.    And most people when the thermometer FINALLY agrees with them and shows that their temperature may be rising even ever so slightly do not leap around and jump for joy and plan how great their day will be NOT at school, but rather spent lying reading on the couch.

Well that was Erik this morning, but we all know he’s not like most people.   William truly has been sick since the start of the week with a fever and headache that has morphed into a bad cough, and he legitimately got to miss school because of it  – and that was just killing Erik.  It’s funny because William loves school and would rather go, and Erik would do anything to stay at home and here they both were on the wrong sides of the fence.    Since Monday when it was clear William was staying home, Erik has been  trying to convince me that he was sick as well  – except he’s been showing no symptoms whatsoever.  But he got his wish this morning when just before we walked out the door  for the bus it really looked like it was happening as his temperature did rise according to the thermometer and his forehead did seem a bit warm and I hate sending kids to school with fevers.   But by noon I was very skeptical and took his temp again and he was perfectly normal.   I’m wondering if I need to replace my thermometer.   But I was a nice mom,  I called it a mental health day for him and let him stay home for the afternoon as well.

And as it turns out he’s a pretty handy guy to have around, especially when you are sorting out junk drawers and finding all sorts of things.  Because you can show Erik any gadget, any wire, any piece of plastic and he knows exactly what it is or where it came from, and if he doesn’t know – then you can be fairly confident that it’s garbage.    So with his help I got a lot of stuff sorted out today.   And when I found all of our mini-video cassettes from our video camera  and wanted to know how to get the video off the camera and to the computer – he knew what a fire wire was and even found one for me (which I found surprising) and although we never got it working, he spent the rest of the afternoon on techie websites trying to trouble-shoot some problem we were having with the camera.  This kid puts me to shame… I used to do techie things, but at 8 he’s already left me in the shade.

So most people wouldn’t get their little brother to lick them to try to make them sick, just so they could stay home for day, but I’m here to say that I really am glad that Erik isn’t like most people. 🙂

Things you should know about William

First – he was born 6 years ago today – April 1st, 2005 so it’s his birthday today!

The first real trait we noticed about him was that he was a cuddle-bug.
The second was that he was a thumb-sucker.
The third was that this little body held a very strong and determined spirit.  Here he is at 24 days old lifting his head…

He has loved his “Ellie” (the elephant) since he was one even though he no longer sucks his thumb.

His hair turns almost white in the summer – which just makes his blue eyes pop.

He is the best older brother in the world to Sophia, and she adores her “Wawa”.

He played soccer last year and apparently can out-run almost all other kids his age.


He is Erik’s partner-in-crime and the best goofing off partner you could ask for (just put them in a room together and ask them to do something productive and see what I mean).

He makes a really cute Christmas decoration.

Even though he makes a fabulous Jedi – he actually wants to be a police officer (like Opa) when he grows up.

His teacher told me yesterday that he’s a leader in his class and the other kids look up to him and follow him.  Way to go Will, we’re so proud of you!

And the most important thing you should know it’s that he’s all mine (and Jason’s of course) and we wouldn’t trade him for anything.   God has used this child in our lives to teach Jason and I more about parenting and our own short-comings than anyone in our lives so far, and we are better people for it.    We love you William and…

Happy 6th Birthday!