Nailed it

I am very aware of all my failures in life, they are too numerous to count.  But on the bright side some of my failures make me laugh and hence should be shared.  Take this for example, Sarah’s birthday cake… if I was going to try to make it as beautiful as Martha Stewart’s vanilla cake, then I can definitely say I nailed it.  lol


Isn’t it just beautiful in all it’s sloppy glory?   I think I’ve known since I was 10 that you shouldn’t ice a warm cake, and that is especially true if you want to ice it with a concoction of pudding and whipped cream, which I found out apparently just melts on a warm cake.    Will I ever learn?   But it did taste good, so I suppose it redeemed itself.

So yes, Sarah did turn 8 a few weeks ago and it was fun to celebrate with her and appreciate her for all her gifts and abilities.  And just because you are 8 doesn’t mean that hair-brushing is a priority in life –  I mean really – it’s such an insignificant thing.  Maybe it will be a priority when she is 15?   Good thing she can clean a bathroom, sew and do lots of other thing really well to make up for it.


And if that cake I made for Sarah’s birthday looked scumptious, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate this concoction…


“Since when do chicked-peas, boiled eggs, peas, beets, avocado, blueberries and pears belong together in a blender?”, you might ask.    Especially as they were soon joined by joined by yogurt, milk and olive oil.   And since I can tell you that yes, they were blended together your next question might be,  “Who in the world would eat that mixture?”

Well this sweet little person would…


Remember our little friend Aleeda who we met at Sick Kids?  She received a heart transplant July 2013 and is doing so well.  She came home from the hospital with a g-tube, and she was being primarily fed by that, but rather than push formula into her tube, her mom Tania opted instead to make her real food blends “purees” that mimic the nutrition in a formula supplement.  These are so much better tolerated, as in when Tania pulled the formula and started feeding purees to Aleeda, she stopped puking every day.    And Aleeda has thrived on them and since her g-tube was pulled will actually eat them orally, smart little girl.  I got to help Tania and made a few batches of them for the freezer,  but Aleeda is doing so well that she is almost eating all real food now.  It’s so wonderful to see her progress, I find it just amazing.

Alleeda and her sister Britton came to play with us one day while their mom was at the hospital with their new twin sisters.  My girl’s love Aleeda and her sister Britton , we just don’t see enough of them…



And since Sophia is the baby of our family now,  it’s good for her to spend time with children younger than her,  I’m afraid that Sophia enjoys being our baby a little too much, but I can hardly blame her.

And now it’s Valentine’s day today and winter trudges on.  Thank goodness I can kick the kids outside to enjoy the snow…


So I can enjoy some peace and quiet haha.      I do try to enjoy the winter as well, but more often than not it seems I’m enjoying it inside by drinking coffee and looking out the window.  I just venture out to take the pictures.


Like this one of the moon… see, you need winter for pictures like this.

So even though my cakes aren’t winning any awards and winter is still here with a vengeance, we feel so blessed on this Valentines day to have a loving family and friends to enjoy it all with.

God is good!

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:34-35 









Winter-time yarn

The winter-time always makes me want to get out some yarn and this winter was no different.  And so  here is a small project I just completed,  a little scarf for Sophia…

I bought this yarn last year and actually had crocheted a hat for the girls, but it was so chunky the hat looked funny, so I unraveled it and knitted a scarf instead.    It took a while to figure out how I wanted to knit it up,  but after many attempts I decided that a garter stitch suited the yarn the best and as a bonus, the size I wanted was only 9 stitches across!  And I learned how to do a crochet cast-off, which resulted in a nice braid end which matched the other end which was nice.

So I’m pleased with this quick and easy project.   And I’m a girl who likes quick and easy.   I get bored easily and although once I did knit a vest (it was awful)  I can’t see me every attempting to knit a sweater because I would lose interest after a few rows.   I can say that in all honesty because of this…..

A crocheted afghan that I started probably 13 years ago and is still not finished!!!!   It’s embarrassing really.     Back when I started it years and years ago,  it was supposed to be for Jason and I had matched the colours to a fleece that he gave me and I thought that would just be so nice.   Well it was rather nice in a way, wasn’t it?

So this baby got pulled out of the crawl-space a few weeks ago when I was de-cluttering and I decided that I am storing it no longer!  I refuse!  But then I ended up with  a dilemma because what does one do with an unfinished afghan?    I guess I’m just going to have to finish it,   I must.    So even though I’ve only averaged 6 rows a year, I’m happy to report that I am close to finishing it and this is going to be the year it gets done.

But then that brings me to another question,  what do I do with it when I do finish it?   We don’t need any more throws around here and I don’t think Jason has any emotional attachments to it, although he does bug me mercilessly about it every time he sees it.     I guess if it actually does get done this year, it will be up for grabs.  So if anyone wants it just let know.   If no one wants it,  I just can’t say what will happen to it… and the poor thing really does deserve a good home.

Well I better get back to it, with another thaw coming tomorrow my winter urge to knit or crochet might leave me and we can’t have that!

What l’ll miss about winter…

As I gaze outside at beautifully falling March snow, I am reminded that it is still winter, no matter how much I wish it were otherwise.  And so, I’m going to embrace it and  just love it and enjoy it.   And so to really honour it I’m going to make a list of all the things that I will miss about winter.  Yes winter.  Things I’ll miss about winter.  

I wrote a similar list when I was pregnant and over-due with Sophia… things that I will miss about being pregnant.   That list had things on it like, ‘I’ll miss all the attention’ and  “I’ll miss little feet and elbows jabbing me in the ribs’ and things like that.  But then a few days later I gave birth and I haven’t thought about that list again until now almost 2 years later.  So this list is different because I really do love winter.  Really I love it, I do.   So without further ado… my list.

I’ll miss…

  • How cute the kids (especially Sophia) look all bundled up in their snow suits
  • How beautiful everything outside looks with a fresh clean blanket of sparkling snow
  • Playing outside with the kids,  tobogganing, snow-ball fights, making forts, making snow men, all of it
  • Making and eating winter comfort foods like shepherd’s pie, chilli etc
  • Being able to concentrate on just my inside house-work
  • Curling up by the fire with a blanket, a book and some chocolate

There – now I know I only came up with 6 things, but this is winter we’re talking about.    Now just to even things up and show that there are two sides to me,  I’m going to list the things that I won’t miss about winter… so here goes….

  • I won’t miss how cute the kids (especially Sophia) look all bundled up in their snow suits.  They were cute, but not cute enough to want to stuff another kid into another snow ever again.  
  • I won’t miss how beautiful everything outside looks with a fresh clean blanket of sparkling snow… my new favourite outdoor colour is GREEN. 
  • I won’t miss playing outside with the kids,  tobogganing, snow-ball fights, making forts, making snow men, because I still will be playing outside with the kids, we’ll be playing soccer, blowing bubbles and swimming in the pool!
  • I won’t miss making and eating winter comfort foods like shepherd’s pie, chilli because honestly, the next time I see a pound of ground beef it better be in the form of a hamburger on the BBQ.
  • I won’t miss being able to concentrate on just my inside house-work because I’m getting SICK OF MY HOUSE.  Can anyone say CABIN FEVER?  Oh dear, I’m yelling, sorry. 
  • Curling up by the fire with a blanket, a book and some chocolate –  well this shouldn’t be on this list, because I really will miss this one.  You just can’t beat it and I will dream about it all summer, well maybe not, but still.  

So winter, stay as long as you want, or maybe just stay until tomorrow.